“ETHEREAL, PLASTIC BODIES SAND MIND” by Francesco Lembo with Tea Minucci & Gaetano Migliucci from free models agency

Photographer: Francesco Lembo @francescolembo_photographer

Male Model/Assistant: Gaetano Migliucci @gae_mig_

Stylist: Style: Simona De Lillo @simonadelillo.fashionstylist

Model: Model: Tea Minucci @free.models.agency

Fashion Designer: PIETRO MIGLIUCCI @modus_vivendiofficial

Hair Stylist: Hair: Sara Carbone

Fashion Designer: @modus_vivendiofficial

La capsule collection ‘please feed fat people’ è completamente rinnovabile: è infatti realizzata con materiale tessile riciclato, materiali plastici e materiali da costruzione. Con una formula “no pollution”, ogni tipo di rifiuto tessile e di plastica viene utilizzato come imbottitura per bomber, giacche e accessori. Un modo per preservare la nostra amata terra, madre di tutte le bellezze.

The capsule collection ‘please feed fat people’ is completely renewable: it is in fact made with recycled textile material, plastic materials and building materials. With a “no pollution” policy, every type of textile and plastic waste is used as padding for bomber jackets, jackets and accessories. A way to preserve our beloved landscape, mother of all beauties.

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