MEET:DEMIAN LICHT photos by KEYI Studio and interview by Izabella Chrobok

Happy to meet & introduce you Demian Licht, hailing from Mexico City’s and now based in Berlin. Since 2015 the artist has been defining her unique way in electronic music with elegance & flair of freshness on the world wide techno scene approaching most recognised venues & events. Her excellent creation skills you can discover trough her mixes, productions and live acts –  on her self-released EP Trilogy Female Criminals on her own label Motus Records and following with her first full album, Die Kraft, which is also presented as live show project combining sound, light and architecture in collaboration with Mexico City studio Fragments & Forms. After her collaboration with Eomac with her previous vinyl on Eotrax happy to announce about her new vinyl release. 

很高兴认识并介绍Demian Licht,她来自墨西哥城,现在常驻柏林。自2015年以来,这位艺术家一直在世界范围内的电子音乐舞台上以优雅和新鲜的方式定义她独特的方式,接近最知名的场所和活动。她出色的创作技巧你可以通过她的混音、制作和现场表演发现–在她自己的厂牌Motus Records上发布的EP《Trilogy Female Criminals》中,她的第一张完整专辑《Die Kraft》也是与墨西哥城工作室Fragments & Forms合作的现场表演项目,结合了声音、光线和建筑。在与Eomac合作后,她很高兴地宣布她的新黑胶唱片。

Photos : @keyistudio

Interview Izabella Chrobok