Ostgut Ton | Fünfzehn + 1 is a commemorative compilation celebrating 16 years of Ostgut Ton

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Originally planned for release in 2020, the music focuses on the interwoven nature of the label and the club in its multitude of different spaces and musical facets. Ostgut Ton artists and close affiliates worked together in pairs to make music dedicated to five different floors, each represented by a specific 12″ vinyl. The result is a diverse selection of sometimes functional, other times more abstract sonic tributes; musical homages to spaces they have both influenced and been influenced by.

With the pandemic having forced the club to close temporarily, the collaborative nature of the 5×12″ boxset represents an attempt to transcend varying degrees of isolation and to wrestle with memories of music and space that had been inaccessible. But certainly not forgotten.

Tracklisting 5×12″ Box Set / 2xCD / Digital:
01. MMM – Rimba7
02. Avalon Emerson x Roi Perez – Champu Princess
03. Tama Sumo x Lakuti – An Ode To Audre
04. Substance x Soundstream – Session 2
05. Len Faki feat. Honey Dijon – Temple Of Love
06. JASSS x Silent Servant – Años Perros
07. Luke Slater x Barker – 9/8 Gumbo
08. Ben Klock x Etapp Kyle – A Friend Of A Friend
09. Marcel Dettmann x Norman Nodge – The Call
10. Pom Pom – Untitled 15+1
11. Oren Ambarchi x Konrad Sprenger x Phillip Sollmann – Ever Given 12. Martyn x Duval Timothy – Reset Walking
13. Jessica Ekomane x Zoë Mc Pherson – Iteration
14. AtomTM x Tobias. – One Final Thing (Not Zero)
15. Answer Code Request x Gerd Janson – B-Section
16. Ryan Elliott x André Galluzzi – Fontane
17. Paramida x Massimiliano Pagliara – Ride Out The Wave
18. nd_baumecker x Nick Höppner – Labskaus
19. Terence Fixmer x Phase Fatale – Cigarette Glow
20. Comets – Remember The Future

Mastering: Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at Loop-O Mastering, Berlin Artwork & Layout: Yusuf Etiman
Release page: https://ostgut.berlin/fuenfzehnpluseins

音乐最初计划于 2020 年发布,但重点是标签和俱乐部在众多不同空间和音乐方面的交织性质。 Ostgut Ton 艺术家和亲密的合作伙伴结对合作,为五个不同的楼层制作音乐,每个楼层都由特定的 12″ 乙烯基代表。结果是多样化的选择,有时是功能性的,有时是更抽象的声音致敬;对空间的音乐致敬,他们既受其影响,又受其影响。

由于大流行迫使俱乐部暂时关闭,5×12″ boxset 的协作性质代表了一种超越不同程度的孤立并与无法访问的音乐和空间记忆搏斗的尝试。但肯定不会被遗忘。