31 October 2021 marks the opening of the expansive retrospective exhibition Helmut Newton. Legacy at the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin

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31 October 2021 marks the opening of the expansive retrospective exhibition Helmut Newton. Legacy at the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin. Originally scheduled to coincide with the photographer’s 100th birthday, it was postponed for a year due to the pandemic. Visitors can now look forward to seeing not only Helmut Newton’s many iconic images, but also a number of surprises.

Definitely will come over one more time soon again on Sunday (tomorrow!), as it’s again opportunity to join the official opening and it’s ALL FREE for everybody, just remember to pre-register here. (Register + select “Museum fuer Fotografie” -> select the date 31.10 & reserve your slot.)

We are still processing after the press day in Helmut Newton Foundation. We are very thankful for the invite to Nadine Dinter and such a vivid and expressive introduction of Matthias Harder, the director and curator of the Helmut Newton Foundation.

Looking at the history of the legend through his work, which we admire is one of those moments which you are going to remember, it gives great insight in his life and creation. Striking from beginnings and moving into the future with his transformation and unique perspective of the photography. Not looking at the trends and going with the movements. Helmut Newton is definitely groundbreaking artist of his times & feminist, who put women always in front.

Helmut Newton Foundation Main Entrance by Keyi Studio (c)

The entire exhibition space on the first floor of the museum will chronologically trace the life and visual legacy of the Berlin-born photographer. With around 300 works, half of which are being shown for the first time, the foundation’s curator Matthias Harder will present lesser-known aspects of Newton’s oeuvre, including many of his more unconventional fashion photographs, which span the decades and reflect the changing spirit of the times. The presentation will be complemented by Polaroids and contact sheets that give insight into the creation process of some of the iconic motifs featured, as well as special publications, archival material, and statements by the photographer.

It was in the 1960s that Newton found his inimitable style in Paris, as seen in his photographs of the revolutionary fashion designed by André Courrèges. Working for well-known fashion magazines, Newton not only took classic studio shots but also ventured into the streets, where he staged models as participants in a protest, protagonists in a paparazzi story, and more. His clients’ sometimes stringent requirements and narrow expectations were an incentive for him to challenge traditional modes of representation.

In the 1970s, Newton began to enjoy unlimited creative possibilities while shooting on location – whether by helicopter on the beach in Hawaii or in a Parisian hourly hotel, where he included himself in a lingerie campaign through strategically placed mirrors. Repeatedly testing social and moral boundaries, sometimes he even redefined them. Until the end of his life he continued to both disturb and enchant people with his visions and visualisations of fashion and femininity. No other photographer has likely been published more often than Helmut Newton, and many of his iconic images have become part of our collective visual memory. Now, following intensive research in the foundation’s archives, forgotten and surprising photographs are coming to light.

For the duration of the retrospective, June’s Room will host a special exhibition on the work of June Newton aka Alice Springs – in memory of the foundation’s president, who passed away in Monte Carlo in April 2021 and has since been laid to rest next to her husband in Berlin.

To accompany the exhibition Helmut Newton. Legacy, an extensive catalogue under the same title has been be published by Taschen, edited by Matthias Harder: Hardcover, 24 × 34 cm, 424 pages, ISBN 978-3-8365-8458-6

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Phone: +49 30 3186 4825

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2021 年 10 月 31 日标志着大型回顾展赫尔穆特·牛顿的开幕。柏林赫尔穆特牛顿基金会的遗产。原定于摄影师诞辰 100 周年,因疫情推迟一年。参观者现在不仅可以期待看到赫尔穆特·牛顿 (Helmut Newton) 的众多标志性图像,还可以看到许多惊喜。

正式开幕,所有人都免费,记得在这里预先注册。 (注册 + 选择“Museum fuer Fotografie” -> 选择日期 31.10 并预留您的位置。)

在赫尔穆特牛顿基金会的新闻日之后,我们仍在处理。我们非常感谢 Nadine Dinter 的邀请以及 Helmut Newton 基金会的董事兼策展人 Matthias Harder 如此生动而富有表现力的介绍。

通过他的作品回顾传奇的历史,我们钦佩的是您将记住的那些时刻之一,它让您对他的生活和创作有了深刻的了解。以他对摄影的转变和独特的视角,从起点走向未来。不看趋势,随波逐流。 Helmut Newton 绝对是他那个时代的开创性艺术家和女权主义者,他总是把女性放在首位。

博物馆一楼的整个展览空间将按时间顺序追溯这位柏林出生的摄影师的生平和视觉遗产。该基金会的策展人马蒂亚斯·哈德 (Matthias Harder) 将展出约 300 件作品,其中一半是首次展出,将展示牛顿作品中鲜为人知的方面,包括他的许多非传统时尚照片,这些照片跨越了几十年,反映了不断变化的精神时代。演示文稿将辅以宝丽来照片和联系表,以深入了解一些特色图案的创作过程,以及特别出版物、档案材料和摄影师的声明。

在巴黎,正如他拍摄的安德烈·库雷热 (André Courrèges) 设计的革命性时装照片中所见。为知名时尚杂志工作的牛顿不仅拍摄了经典的工作室照片,还冒险走上街头,在那里他将模特作为抗议的参与者、狗仔队故事的主角等等。他的客户有时严格的要求和狭隘的期望是他挑战传统代表模式的动力。

在 1970 年代,牛顿开始在外景拍摄时享受无限的创作可能性——无论是在夏威夷海滩上乘坐直升机,还是在巴黎的一家小时酒店,他通过战略性放置的镜子将自己纳入内衣运动。反复测试社会和道德界限,有时他甚至重新定义它们。直到他生命的尽头,他继续用他对时尚和女性气质的愿景和形象来扰乱和迷恋人们。赫尔穆特·牛顿 (Helmut Newton) 的出版频率可能比其他任何一位摄影师都多,他的许多标志性图像已成为我们集体视觉记忆的一部分。现在,经过对基金会档案的深入研究,被遗忘的和令人惊讶的照片逐渐浮出水面。

在回顾展期间,June’s Room 将举办一场关于 June Newton 又名 Alice Springs 作品的特别展览——以纪念基金会主席,她于 2021 年 4 月在蒙特卡洛去世,此后一直安息在她身边丈夫在柏林。

伴随展览赫尔穆特牛顿。 Legacy 是由 Taschen 出版的同名目录,由 Matthias Harder 编辑:精装,24 × 34 厘米,424 页,ISBN 978-3-8365-8458-6