META\SENS Digital Fashion/Film/Virtual collaboration project will be launching in LONDON FASHION WEEK SS023

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LONDON FASHION WEEK DIGITAL / September 20th at 11.15 META\SENS Digital Fashion/Film/Virtual collaboration project will be launching in LONDON FASHION WEEK SS023 with a digital presentation on

Jens Laugesen –

the creative mind of the award-winning eponymous brand and founder of holistic/design/luxury/tech advisory collective KONSENS X, together with an international collective of talented digital artists, VIRTUAL TOUCH digital lab team in Hong Kong and supported by the DANISH ARTS FOUNDATION, presents the META\SENS digital collaboration project.

In the second instalment of the new INRECON trilogy, Jens Laugesen expresses the transcending of his hybrid design thinking, shifting from analogue craftsmanship and VHS video format to include a new digital fashion media, exploring the metaphysical space between garment making and mixed media digital fashion with a new glitch film, done in collaboration with long-time collaborator Film Editor Maxim Young. With META\SENS digital fashion collaboration project, he sets out to explore the meaning of new visual hybrid semantics and align his work in the metaverse with the metamodern in-between arena as defined by Dutch theorist Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin van der Akker, exploring the oscillation between a certain nostalgic return to the past and utopian dream of the future and the enlarged space between body and garment in the post-pandemic metaverse. 


屡获殊荣的同名品牌的创意者和整体/设计/奢侈品/技术咨询团体KONSENS X的创始人,与一个由天才数字艺术家、香港VIRTUAL TOUCH数字实验室团队组成的国际团体一起,在丹麦艺术基金会的支持下,推出了META/SENS数字合作项目。

在新的INRECON三部曲的第二部中,Jens Laugesen表达了他的混合设计思维的超越,从模拟工艺和VHS视频格式转变为包括新的数字时尚媒体,通过与长期合作的电影编辑Maxim Young合作完成的一部新的glitch电影,探索服装制作和混合媒体数字时尚之间的形而上空间。通过META/SENS数字时尚合作项目,他着手探索新的视觉混合语义的意义,并将他在元气领域的工作与荷兰理论家Timotheus Vermeulen和Robin van der Akker所定义的元现代之间的竞技场保持一致,探索某种对过去的怀旧回归和对未来的乌托邦梦想之间的振荡,以及后泛滥的元气领域中身体和服装之间的扩大空间。

Building on the meta-redefinition of hybrid space and in-between garment objects, this project juxtaposes his craft training in artisan couture draping techniques with new digital design and pattern cutting and 3D development methodologies. By combining conventional low-tech craft with the latest high-tech digital, he sets out to explore how digital draping tools of Clo3d or Browzwear can be used not only as a visual rendering of ultimate super realistic fantasies and digital garment/pattern production tools but also as a creative cut-and-paste iteration tool, similar to the analogue collage artworks of the surrealist and the post-digital photoshop 2D design aesthetic of the 90s.

在混合空间和服装对象之间的元重新定义的基础上,这个项目将他在工匠时装垂挂技术方面的工艺培训与新的数字设计和图案切割及三维开发方法并列。通过结合传统的低技术工艺和最新的高科技数字,他着手探索Clo3d或Browzwear的数字悬垂工具如何不仅可以作为终极超现实幻想的视觉渲染和数字服装/图案制作工具,而且可以作为创造性的剪切和粘贴迭代工具,类似于超现实主义的模拟拼贴艺术作品和90年代的后数字Photoshop 2D设计美学。

The unisex iconic tailored flap jacket and the long-back tuxedo shirt are explored in different sizes from 100-150 % to pattern scale, experimenting with volume and the spaces between body and garment. Working from archetype garment pattern blocks, newly expanded volumes are explored by enlarging patterns or digitally pulling the pattern pieces away from the body inside the CLO3d software. Fascinated by the conceptual glitch he discovered during a pivotal collaboration with Nick Knight on the FAITH IN CHAOS film for SHOWstudio, he has since developed a love for exploring the in-between ‘phygital’ space mixing physical craft methodologies and digital animation rendering tools in unpredictable outcomes, showcasing the physical/digital iteration/manufacturing process through his always-evolving design and fashion film practice. 

男女通用的标志性剪裁翻盖夹克和长背燕尾服衬衫在100-150%的不同尺寸中进行了探索,对体积和身体与服装之间的空间进行了实验。从原型服装图案块出发,通过放大图案或在CLO3d软件中以数字方式将图案块从身体上拉开,来探索新的扩展体积。在与尼克-奈特合作为SHOWstudio拍摄《混乱的信仰》电影时,他发现了一个概念性的故障,这使他对探索介于两者之间的 “物理 “空间产生了兴趣,将物理工艺方法和数字动画渲染工具混合在一起,产生了不可预知的结果,通过他不断发展的设计和时尚电影实践,展示了物理/数字迭代/制造过程。 

The discovery of the multicoloured technology rendered ‘polygon’ threads identifying the expanded digital seams when pulling digital pattern pieces in the 3D space, illustrating the enlarged area of the developed garment silhouette and identifying the in-between design space whilst referencing the fragmented aesthetic of the digital originated glitch. The archetypal garments typologies are layered and explored in different scales of proportion from 100 to 150%, allowing the garments to become uniform in proportion and gender-neutral in functionality. Digitally rendered 360-degree video turntables rendering the different stages of the garment silhouette exploration document the different step-by-step digital stages of visual experimentation in a digitally poetic, unpredictable manner, indicating multi-colored lines of digital reconstruction to the exploded garment whilst also exploring a new realm of his expanded design thinking.

发现多色技术渲染的 “多边形 “线,当在三维空间中拉动数字模式碎片时,识别出扩大的数字接缝,说明了开发的服装轮廓的扩大区域,识别出中间的设计空间,同时参考了数字起源故障的碎片化美学。典型的服装类型被分层,并在100-150%的不同比例中进行探索,使服装在比例上变得统一,在功能上变得中性。数字渲染的360度视频转盘呈现了服装轮廓探索的不同阶段,以数字诗意的、不可预知的方式记录了视觉实验的不同步骤,表明了对爆炸的服装进行数字重建的多色线条,同时也探索了他扩大设计思维的新领域。


The documentation of these unexpected, bold colours has inspired the expansion of his traditionally preferred black and white signature design universe to include saturated greens that signify new bright, optimistic greens in the transient from winter to summer as witnessed in the spiritual Himalayan Mountain landscape. To showcase the film and digital design collaboration, he has developed an immersive design experience in partnership with the leading Hong Kong-based digital fashion lab VIRTUAL TOUCH to render an interactive virtual metamodern gallery space for the audience to discover and explore the collaborative design project. 

这些出乎意料的大胆色彩的记录激发了他对传统上喜欢的黑白签名设计领域的扩展,包括饱和的绿色,象征着从冬天到夏天的过渡期中新的明亮、乐观的绿色,正如在精神的喜马拉雅山风景中所见证的。为了展示电影和数字设计的合作,他与香港领先的数字时尚实验室VIRTUAL TOUCH合作开发了一个沉浸式设计体验,为观众呈现一个互动的虚拟元现代画廊空间,以发现和探索合作设计项目。 

Referencing a positive facing post-pandemic longing for holistic connection, visitors can enter the rendered 3D gallery space in a nostalgic utopian metaphysical/spiritual world with references to the Himalayan Mountains, with the white tile aesthetic found in the Avantgarde architectural work of Jean Pierre Renaud and SUPERSTUDIO, the leading Italian studio of the 60s.

To view the project gallery fully, please visit WEBLINK

参观者可以在一个怀旧的乌托邦式的形而上学/精神世界中进入渲染的3D画廊空间,参考喜马拉雅山脉,在Jean Pierre Renaud和SUPERSTUDIO(60年代的意大利领先工作室)的前卫建筑作品中发现白色瓷砖美学。


JENS LAUGESEN / is an award-winning experienced fashion designer / creative director / video artist with a strong conceptual profile.

After launching the eponymous brand in London Fashion Week, he went on to win multiple awards, including the FASHION EAST, BRITISH FASHION COUNCIL NEW GEN and FASHION FORWARD award in London Fashion Week, Designer of the year in Denmark and the coveted LVMH Fashion Group Prize at the ANDAM Award in Paris as the first UK based designer.

His conceptual designs were scouted by Rei Kawabuko for Doverstreet Market and selected by Anna Piaggi for the V&A retrospective exhibition. His work is also featured in the permanent collections of FIT Museum, New York, V&A London, MAD Musée des Arts Décoratifs Paris and DESIGN MUSEUM DENMARK in Copenhagen.

Known for his visionary hybrid design thinking and the love for the conceptual glitch, he is recognised as a pioneer in fashion film since collaborating with Nick Knight for the FAITH IN CHAOS film in 2004 and has since been a contributor for SHOWstudio. 

Since 2018 he has re-launched his eponymous brand on a conceptual image level with ongoing support from the DANISH ARTS FOUNDATION resulting in two new design trilogies and yearly fashion films showcased in fashion weeks and film festivals in London, Paris, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Seoul, New York and Los Angeles. As creative director for ARTSTHREAD, he launched, at the outbreak of the pandemic, the first ever GLOBAL DESIGN GRADUATE SHOW for all postgraduates in art and design in partnership with i-D / VICE Media and GUCCI.

Most recently, he has as also founded KONSENS X advisory collective, bringing strategic design thinking and holistic digital solutions to clients in the luxury and design industry.

JENS LAUGESEN/是一位屡获殊荣的资深时装设计师/创意总监/视频艺术家,具有很强的概念性。

在伦敦时装周推出同名品牌后,他赢得了多个奖项,包括伦敦时装周的FASHION EAST、BRITISH FASHION COUNCIL NEW GEN和FASHION FORWARD奖,丹麦的年度设计师,以及作为首位英国本土设计师在巴黎的ANDAM奖上获得令人垂涎的LVMH时尚集团奖。

他的概念设计被川布子玲为Doverstreet Market所发掘,并被安娜-皮亚吉选为V&A回顾展的展品。 他的作品也被纽约FIT博物馆、伦敦V&A、巴黎MAD装饰艺术博物馆和哥本哈根丹麦设计博物馆永久收藏。


自2018年以来,在丹麦艺术基金会的持续支持下,他重新推出了他的同名品牌,在伦敦、巴黎、哥本哈根、东京、首尔、纽约和洛杉矶的时装周和电影节上展示了两个新的设计三部曲和年度时尚电影。作为ARTSTHREAD的创意总监,他与i-D / VICE Media和GUCCI合作,为所有艺术和设计专业的研究生推出了第一个全球设计毕业生秀。

最近,他还成立了KONSENS X咨询小组,为奢侈品和设计行业的客户提供战略设计思维和整体数字解决方案。



Creative Director / Jens Laugesen / KONSENS X / @jens_laugesen_official   /  @konsensx

Film Editor / Director / Maxim Young / GORILLA EDITORS / @gorilla_editors

Assistant Film Editor / Caden Steed / GORILLA EDITORS / @gorilla_editors

Creative Director Assistant / Process film editor / Pinanki Shah / @pinanki_here

Sound Design / Composition / Gustave Robic / @aer.side

LFW Press / Marketing Advisor / Marianne Ferro /


Rahul Verma / Shruti Rathor / NOFORM / Mumbai /

Giancarlo Pazzanese / Amsterdam / @gianpazza

Taya Reder / New York  / @studio.taya

Oscar Keene / Melbourne / @oscar.keene.designs

Joel Quadri / @joel_quadri


KC Man / Founder / CEO & Founder / VIRTUAL TOUCH / @virtualtouch_official

Alan Hau / Global Head of Creative Partnerships / VIRTUAL TOUCH / @virtualtouch_official