Kindcrime recordings returns with a new V/A “WICKED LIFE I” including tracks by the finest industrial techno artists. Out on 5th Jan 2023 + Track premiere of Rhys Fulber

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The purpose of this V/A is to represent through the finest industrial techno artists, and thanks to them, showcase this sound in its purest and uncompromising forms, to remain connected to our black-hearted roots and disrupt the future with the demonstration that other ways of advancing are possible and must be embraced in the search for new ideas to further develop, not just the sound towards a shift, but the whole panorama of electronic music as a countercultural movement, in unity. Each track is a brick and places itself in the broad spectrum of contemporary dark and raw electronic music, there’s no rest for the wicked.



Kindcrime recordings have decided to donate all the income from the release to a Taiwanese female hacktivist group specializing in cyber security, so to improve the reach of this campaign, you can preorder the entire release for just 1€ or pay what you want to support the cause.


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