Punchy bass lines further contribute to the rhythmic complexity, cutting through the wall of sound – get to know Pretty Average with a track premiere!

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Pretty Average, a band hailing from Berlin, emerged in late 2021 as a result of the longstanding musical partnership between Sergi Cabanes and Candy Bassas. Initially leaning towards an electronic sound, the duo transitioned into a full-fledged band upon relocating from Barcelona to Berlin. In this new creative environment, they delved into diverse forms of expression and instrumentation, striving to craft a nuanced, multi-layered sonic experience that captures the universally relatable emotions of isolation and discontent.


The band’s distinctive sound is characterized by its aggressive and grating essence. The intricate rhythms of the drums, combined with Candy’s rhythmic guitar, create a robust foundation for Sergi’s intricate lead guitar melodies.

Punchy bass lines further contribute to the rhythmic complexity, cutting through the wall of sound, while Candy’s sweet yet unsettling vocals complete the immersive sonic environment.

Drawing inspiration from various eras, Pretty Average blends elements from different musical genres to forge a unique sound influenced by artists such as Galaxie 500, Spiritualized, New Order, the Cure, and Lou Reed.

Having performed concerts in their hometown of Berlin and gaining recognition in the city’s rock music scene, Pretty Average felt it was time to embark on recording their debut EP. The result, titled “All I Wanted,” reflects a year of relentless dedication and presents an evolution of their initial musical statement across four compelling tracks.

Assisted by the production expertise of Fran Parisi and the mastering skills of Mark Kramer, known for his work with Galaxie 500, Low, and Daniel Johnston, Pretty Average is poised to introduce their music to the world. The EP’s production process involved collaboration with Francisco Parisi, of Berlin’s Minimal Schlager, who skillfully brought forth the themes of isolation and discontent in the compositions of co-songwriters Candy Bassas and Sergi Cabanes. Fran’s mixes prominently feature Candy’s ethereal vocals alongside Sergi’s jangly guitar leads, creating a captivating sonic landscape.

The EP’s mastering, handled by indie legend Kramer, further elevates Pretty Average’s musical journey.

Visual materials for the EP were crafted in collaboration with local photographer Dorje de Burgh, whose candid images and videos of Berlin street culture explore melancholy in its various, uncanny, ethereal, and everyday forms.

Regular performers in the Berlin music scene, Pretty Average has plans for a 2024 tour and is considering recording a full-length LP by year’s end. Driven by vision and passion, the band looks forward to deepening their creative relationship with Fran Parisi and exploring new avenues for their evolving sound.

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