Elise Massoni, a luminous figure in the ever-shifting French techno soundscape, is unveiling her much-anticipated release, “10FT CHAOS.”

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10FT CHAOS” represents a crucial juncture and a transformative phase in Elise Massoni’s musical journey. It is a testament to Massoni’s outstanding artistic adaptability, merging club-oriented rhythms with intricately crafted textures and captivating vocal arrangements that define her distinctive style. Influenced by luminaries such as Arca and Amnesia Scanner, this EP embarks on a compelling musical odyssey, exploring the complex domains of depression, escapism, and the irresistible allure of mania. It pays homage to those mysterious individuals who personify the blend of brilliance and chaos.

Elise Massoni navigates uncharted territories, weaving a narrative that resonates with profound emotional depth. The EP serves as a canvas where club-centric rhythms not only pulse through the veins of each track but also intertwine with meticulously crafted textures, creating a sonic tapestry that reflects Massoni’s mastery of her craft.

Every composition within the EP, “10FT CHAOS” stands as a testament to the artist’s resilience and imaginative prowess, intricately crafting a compelling narrative that reflects her transformative journey and profound emotional depth.

“10FT CHAOS” has swiftly become a sensation in the electronic music realm, garnering praise from industry heavyweights such as VTSS and François X. Elise Massoni’s forthcoming release, characterized by her unique style, authoritative vocals, and flawless production skills, resonates deeply with electronic music enthusiasts. It is proof of her steadfast dedication to pushing the limits of sonic artistry and her commitment to crafting music that transcends the ordinary constraints of the genre.



This achievement is more than just musical; it signifies Massoni’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of her expression. Her dedication to transcending the ordinary and creating music that defies expectations is evident in the acclaim “10FT CHAOS” has already garnered.

As the electronic music community eagerly awaits the full release, it’s clear that Elise Massoni is poised to leave an indelible mark, showcasing not only her current influence but also paving the way for a dynamic and innovative future in the realm of electronic music.

Based in Paris, Elise Massoni is, first and foremost, a DJ and producer with a distinct style and flawless skills.

Her fast-paced and strong selection of contemporary techno, drawing inspiration from the past while embracing the future, has propelled her to prominence as a rising star in the French techno scene. Emerging from a background in classical guitar and a deep

XX LAB is an electronic music label founded in 2021 by François X. The Paris-based label acts as a research platform for independent-minded artists whose musical aesthetic is oriented towards avant-garde electronic music.


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