Tresor Records are proud to reveal the outcome of a new collaboration between two of techno music’s most remarkable artists, Maedon and Adam X.

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The Lion & The Ram is a unique and exciting hybrid of industrial, rave, and hypnotic techno sounds. This LP marks the full debut for both artists on Tresor Records, with Adam X having appeared for a remix of Neil Landstrumm in 1997.

Credits Marie Staggat

Both Berlin-based, Maedon and Adam X have worked tirelessly over the forced lockdowns, finding a kindred spirit in locating and sculpting the most badass kick. This album is undoubtedly an impressive representation of the range of kick drum synthesis, from thunderous impacts to carefully tuned pulses. The duo’s competitiveness over kick drums has led to a masterpiece of mesmerizing techno. Across the thumping drums and sparse, mechanical soundscapes, every track on the album follows a journey into the dark and unknown.

Tracks grow with increasing power sourced from dystopian samples, such as Human Replacements, “people are being duplicated, there is something missing”. It reflects the stifled time we all spent, haunted by uncertainty, cooped up and seeking expression. Corrupt Pigs emphasises this with the refrain, “welcome to the land of fuck”. Crunching bass and rusty percussions gather as a herd, like a rallying call to signify that, at last, we may let loose. With its unrepentant rhythms and ruthlessly brutal sound design, The Lion & The Ram discharges Maedon and Adam X into daring new terrain.

狮子与公羊》是工业、狂欢和催眠技术声音的独特而令人兴奋的混合体。这张唱片标志着两位艺术家在Tresor唱片公司的全面首次亮相,Adam X曾在1997年为Neil Landstrumm的混音作品出现过。

同在柏林,Maeon和Adam X在被迫锁死的情况下不知疲倦地工作,在定位和雕刻最坏的踢脚方面找到了一种亲切的精神。这张专辑无疑是踢鼓合成范围的一个令人印象深刻的代表,从雷鸣般的冲击到精心调教的脉冲。这对组合在踢腿鼓上的竞争导致了一张令人着迷的电子乐杰作。在砰砰作响的鼓声和稀疏的机械音景中,专辑中的每一首曲目都是在黑暗和未知的环境中进行的旅行。

曲目随着来自于歇斯底里样本的力量的增加而增长,比如《人类的替代》,”人们被复制,有一些东西丢失了”。它反映了我们都度过的被扼杀的时间,被不确定性所困扰,被囚禁起来并寻求表达。腐败的猪 “用反问句强调了这一点,”欢迎来到操蛋的地方”。嘎吱嘎吱的低音和生锈的打击乐像一群人一样聚集在一起,就像一个集结号,象征着我们终于可以释放了。狮子和公羊》以其无悔的节奏和无情残酷的声音设计,将Maeon和Adam X释放到大胆的新领域中。