MEET:ZANIAS interview and photos by Izabella Chrobok & Grzegorz Bacinski

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interview editorial with zanias photos by keyi studio for keyi magazine berlin
interview editorial with zanias photos by keyi studio for keyi magazine berlin
interview editorial with zanias photos by keyi studio for keyi magazine berlin
interview editorial with zanias photos by keyi studio for keyi magazine berlin
interview editorial with zanias photos by keyi studio for keyi magazine berlin
interview editorial with zanias photos by keyi studio for keyi magazine berlin

Born in Australia and raised in South East Asia. Zanias has been crafting emotional catharsis through sound since 2011 when she formed the band Linea Aspera with Ryan Ambridge in London, where she was studying archaeology and anthropology. Now based in Berlin, she has since collaborated with a wide range of artists in the darker realms of electronic music such as Sid Lamar of Schwefelgelb (in the band Keluar), Black Rain and Dax J. In 2014 she co-founded the ‘Fleisch’ collective with a group of similarly minded friends, which eventually transformed into the raw body music record label that she runs today. While still producing, singing, performing and DJing as a solo artist, she has also recently re-connected with Ryan Ambridge and has once again become the voice of Linea Aspera

Zanias出生于澳大利亚,在东南亚长大,自2011年与伦敦的Ryan Ambridge组成乐队Linea Aspera并在伦敦学习考古和人类学以来,就一直致力于通过声音进行情感宣泄。她现在居住在柏林,此后与众多电子音乐领域的艺术家合作,例如Schwefelgelb(在Keluar乐队)的Sid Lamar,Black Rain和DaxJ。2014年,她共同创立了’Fleisch与一群志趣相投的朋友共同生活,这些朋友最终演变成她今天经营的原始人体唱片公司。在仍然担任个人歌手的制作,唱歌,表演和DJ的同时,她最近还与Ryan Ambridge建立了联系,并再次成为Linea Aspera的代言人。.

How did you come to the decision to reactivate the Linea Aspera? I’m sure that your fans were a big motivation but was that the main trigger ? Why did you stop the project years ago? 

It all started when I played in San Francisco in 2018 and met up with Josh from Dark Entries Records. He came up with the idea of releasing a vinyl re-issue of Linea Aspera tracks that didn’t make it onto our LP, and when we got Ryan involved that got all three of us chatting via email again over the next couple of months. The idea for a single reunion show came up, then the reunion show turned into a reunion tour, and the tour turned into a new album. We both had so much fun with writing new tracks and playing the shows, it made sense to keep it going this time.  

We both really needed these last few years to grow into ourselves, and while the hiatus was painful I feel it was necessary to create the music we’re making now. It mainly ended due to us both being too young to handle the response our first album received. We were only 21 and 22 when we started working together. 

퀭角흔부엄땍路劤역폘Linea Aspera돨蘿論錡돨? 乖횅땍퀭돨뢴介角寧몸붤댕돨땡샙,뎃侶角寮狼돨覩凜찐? 섯쾨품界岺돨覩凜角?

侶寧학迦黨乖黨2018쾨瞳앉쏜蘿놔,깻宅Dark Entries Records돨Josh툭충。 儉拳놔죄랙契Linea Aspera나튬,角붚스나튬路劤랙契돨拳랬,뎃맡나튬깻청唐쏵흙乖쳬돨LP。뎠乖쳬속흙Ryan珂,힛훙瞳쌈苟윱돨섯몸墩쟁疼늴繫법든綾錟숭좔莖。 瓊놔죄寧몸앨곗考途蘿놔돨拳랬,횔빈考앱쌘커긴냥죄考途裂쩠,랍路앱棠蘿긴놔죄寧蠟劤淚서。 乖쳬젤瞳눼鱗劤혓커뵨쌘커렘충떼먁肝돕죄렷끽뜩돨있혹,侶늴路앱쏵契붤唐雷屢。

乖쳬젤횅茄矜狼侶離빈섯쾨꼽콘냥낀槨菱성,쐴밗櫓뙤즈훙姑욈,뎃乖얾돤唐극狼눼鱗乖쳬君瞳攣瞳齡鱗돨稜있。 써監돨寮狼覩凜角乖쳬젤떼格쾨햐,轟랬뇹잿乖쳬澗돕돨뒤寧蠟淚서돨쀼릿。 역迦북鱗珂,乖쳬怜唐21鋸뵨22鋸。

How deeply are you connected to Berlin ? How would you describe the scene changing over here ? Do you think that at some point Berlin may become less attractive to you ? Would you replace it with any other city ?  

I have so much love and so much hate for Berlin. Having grown up in so many different places I never really felt like I fit in anywhere, so this is really the closest thing I’ve had to a home. My original decision to move here was simply down to the fact that it was my easiest path to remaining in the EU after I dropped out of university and my student visa in the UK was cancelled. I was planning to just stay a year on a working holiday visa and then go back to university. Then I learned about the artist visa and one year turned into 7.

The music scene, originally just a bonus, swiftly became the centre of my existence, but I don’t lend much thought to it anymore. I’d rather focus on my own work than worry about what everyone else is doing. Admittedly I’m a lot less into going out now, the winters are long and exhausting, and I yearn to escape humans and immerse myself in nature a little more, but I have a nice social circle and business connections here so it suits me for the time being

I dream of living by the ocean one day, somewhere warm with good surf, but I don’t think I could choose another city over Berlin..

퀭宅겝주唐뜩돨楮고? 콱삔흔부췄甘侶쟁돨끝쒼긴뺏? 퀭角뤠훰槨겝주뚤퀭돨俱多제옵콘삔슉됴? 퀭삔痰페儉훨부냘懇혤덜劍찐?



You are such an inspiration to so many women in the industry, but not only, we believe there are plenty of guys asking themselves how complete of an artist you are. What was the key to your success ?

I’m not really sure what to make of the word ‘success’, but I think I’m able to keep doing what I’m doing largely thanks to an almost comical awareness of mortality and the general absurdity of existence. It’s given me the freedom to abandon not only the stability and security that tends to inhibit most attempts at making a living out of music, but also the societal expectations on me as a woman to act a certain way. Fear truly is the enemy. 

퀭杰瞳돨契撚櫓冀뜩큽昑떼角흔늪唐쥣昑,뎃꼇쏭흔늪,乖쳬宮斤,冷삔唐붤뜩켕훙狂菱성,等湳낱뒀돨혼隣寧몸論減소。 퀭훰槨냥묘돨밑숩角痂척?

乖꼇格횅땍“냥묘”寧늦돨벵屢,뎃角乖훰槨乖콘뭘셨崎隣乖隣돨慤헙,寮狼角凜槨훙쳬뚤价空쪽뵨팹깁닸瞳돨뼛츳먁돨훰列섯빎角옵揆돨。 論減못죄乖菱譚돨菱譚,꼇쏭렴폴죄허蕨黨壟齡댕뜩鑒鹿稜있槨돨폐暠돨洸땍昑뵨갛홍昑,랍할뻘렴폴죄乖鱗槨큽昑鹿캐蘆렘駕契慤돨삔퍅寡。 왜얍廬攣角둔훙。

Looks like the music was in your family always or are you the first one to venture into the industry ? 

I come from a family of scientists and engineers. My choice to pursue music was a surprise to everyone, including me. At school I aimed to study medicine to become a surgeon, then at the last moment switched my application to zoology, and after 6 months of that switched to archaeology, and after obtaining a degree in that I made the dumbest and best decision of my life and left it all behind! 


乖윱菱寧몸옰欺소뵨묏넋可소磎。 乖瀏헹稜있돨朞嶝즈관윅乖瞳코돨첼몸훙떼먁돕쑵騎。 瞳欺叫쟁,乖돨커깃角欺構努欺냥槨寧츰棍옰努,횔빈瞳離빈寧옻쉥乖돨헝瘻돕죄땡膠欺,깻瞳짇몸墩빈瘻蕨죄옘뮴欺,깻삿돤欺貫빈隣놔죄乖寧櫓離大느冷離츠例돨엄땍,겉侶寧학떼테瞳켬빈!

You are currently focused on your personal project Zanias, but not only. Having your own label Fleisch which is one of the best labels in Berlin.. it’s a lot of work isn’t it ?

Wow, one of the best labels in Berlin?! Well thank you… the general task of curating it is a relatively easy pleasure. The right releases seem to naturally fall into my lap via friends and acquaintances, and I love having the outlet for supporting other artists. Running a Bandcamp shop, however, is an awful lot of work! It’s the part of my music life that gives me the nearest taste to what working in a normal job must be like. There’s a lot of admin and customer service, I spend insane amounts of time handling cardboard and packing tape, and my local post office fears me for all the packages I send. 

퀭커품淚鬧黨몸훙淃커Zanias,뎃꼇쏭掘黨늪。 撻唐菱성돨나튬무鱇Fleisch,鱗槨겝주離봤돨나튬무鱇裂寧。묏鱗런챈찐?

谷,겝주離봤돨나튬무鱇裂寧? 붤봤,剋剋。밗잿劍돨훨蛟角宮뚤휭弄돨。 攣횅돨랙契慨빎繫법툉堂뵨坎훙菱횔랍횔뒈쭝흙죄乖돨홀綾,乖毆뻑撻唐侶蘆唐혠돛連넣페儉論減소돨먁얾。 뎃角,쒔檀Bandcamp듦角寧淃쇠앵돨묏鱗! 侶角乖稜있삶櫓돨寧꼬롸,賈乖먁肝돕離휑끽돨묏鱗꿔충。 侶硅慤관벵죄붤뜩밗잿逃뵨와빵륩蛟,乖矜狼빻롤댕좆珂쇌뇹잿笭겼뵨관陋스던,랍할乖뎠뒈돨錟애悧角덫懃乖셍놔돨杰唐관범。

Any other exciting plans in the upcoming months ? 

We’ll be sharing some new Linea Aspera music at some point, since the album is basically finished now. Other than that, under current circumstances, I think the most exciting thing I’ll be doing is making music at home! I’d like to finish a new Zanias album before the lockdown is over, and I’ve been sharing the demos from that on my Patreon page. 


譚黨淚서君綠샘굶齡鱗供냥,凜늪乖쳬쉥瞳캐몸珂빅롸權寧硅Linea Aspera劤稜있。 뇜늪裂棍,瞳커품헙워苟,乖훰槨乖狼隣돨離즈훙菫뢸돨慤헙앎角瞳소櫓齡鱗稜있! 乖拳瞳傑땍써監裂품供냥寧蠟劤돨Zanias淚서,깻할綠쒔瞳乖돨Patreon女충롸權죄侶硅蘿刻。

We have seen your collaboration with UY studio genderless fashion label from Berlin,?congrats!

We really like the dress which granted your stage name. Do you think we would be able to see more items branded Zanias ? How do you choose your performing outfits?

The UY piece was simply named after me (and I guess inspired by me?), I didn’t participate in the design process but I was very happy with how it turned out and honoured to be involved in their collection in that way! 

Another clothing item that’s taken my name is the ‘Zoe’ Kimono by an independent designer called Svarta (svarta.official on Instagram), based in Paris. That one I actually did play a role in designing, by sending her a very poorly drawn sketch that she transformed into a beautiful reality. My performing outfits have to be comfortable, move nicely, perhaps have an interesting way of catching the light, and above all contain no features that could potentially highlight my insecurities. Full confidence in what I’m wearing is a must. Since I’m so picky about feeling perfect in an outfit I tend to wear the same things over and over.


乖쳬廬돨붤毆뻑竿貸퀭돨論츰돨획綾。 퀭훰槨乖쳬옵鹿였돕뫘뜩깃唐Zanias돨틔찐?틱珂 퀭흔부朞嶝깊蘿륩陋?


乖싻돨쥼寧숭륩陋角뗌접셕可Svarta(瞳Instagram츰槨svarta.official)돨“ Zoe”뵨륩,맡무鱇貫黨것잭。 侶늴乖횅茄瞳셕櫓랙뿐죄鱗痰,蕨劒랙箇죄寧蠟삥齡돤붤뀌돨꿇暠,깻쉥페瘻긴냥君茄櫓쳄봤돨냥틔。

乖돨깊蘿륩陋극伎竭刊,弄黨盧땡,冷冀삔끼桿唐혹돨껫謬밟窟돨렘駕,랍할離路狼돨청唐훨부횻乖먁돕꼇갛돨묘콘。 극伎횻乖供홍宮斤乖돨누淪。 譚黨乖뚤누供쳄돨擄륩붤鯨烱,杰鹿乖삔寧깁棠寧깁뒈누谿湳돨擄륩。

You recently had a tour in Asia, right before the Coronavirus appeared there … what was the Asian scene like ? 

Very enthusiastic and welcoming! I was quite blown away by both the hospitality and the positive reaction of the audiences.


렷끽훑헙뵨뻑短! 훑헙돨운덤뵨桂露생

Which city would you describe as your best experience ? Any favourite gig ? Any unexpected surprises during the tour ?

I had a particularly lovely time in Seoul, partly because I spent an extra day there so had more of a chance to explore. Volnost was such a fun club to play. 

I guess my biggest surprise was experiencing what China was like during the national holiday. Very intense!

哪个城市层带给您最佳的体验?最印象深刻的演出是? 游览过程中有任何意外的惊喜吗

乖瞳看랑똑법죄景깎쳄봤돨珂밟,꼬롸覩凜角乖瞳컸쟁띨棍돨똑법죄寧莖,凜늪唐뫘뜩돨決乞샙삔。 률랑킵薑景角寧몸붤唐혹돨얇있꼬。

乖拳乖離댕돨쑵毆角瞳벌헤쌘퍅쇌쒔저죄櫓벌돨삶。 렷끽샴죠!

We met in Shenzhen, at the Oil Club at one of your gigs & our favourite place in Shenzhen. What would you say about entertainment there? 

Top notch sound system, excellent crowd. I had a great time. 

乖쳬瞳柏돨答얇있꼬숨충,侶角퀭돨蘿놔裂寧,冷角乖쳬瞳柏離毆뻑돨뒈렘。 퀭角흔부였덤컸쟁돨?

寧직돨稜捲溝固,놔돨훙횐。 乖법돤붤擡우。

Do you think you will be visiting other parts of China ?

For sure. I’d really like to visit Shanghai and perhaps explore a bit more of the south outside of the cities. There are some very dramatic landscapes I’d love to see.


뎠횔。 乖廬돨붤拳꽝밖베,샀諒決乞냘懇鹿棍돨뫘뜩켓렘뒈혐。 乖붤拳였돕寧硅렷끽柳밖돨루쒼。

Have you met any interesting artist during the Asian tour that you see yourself collaborating with ? 

I was really impressed by LOAA at Volnost. Her closing set kept me glued to the dancefloor.


You also used to live in Malaysia, would you ever consider moving back there ? If you could have chosen any country in Asia to work in, which one would it be ?

I’d perhaps visit but never move back to Malaysia. Growing up there opened me up to amazing experiences but I can’t say I ever called it home, and sadly much of what I loved about it (the rainforest) has been destroyed and replaced with palm oil plantations. It makes my heart ache just thinking about it. 

I spent my first 5 years of life in Indonesia and if I were ever to live in Asia again, I have to be a bit of a walking stereotype here and say I’d want to live in Bali. Amazing food, culture, waterfalls, forests and – most importantly – excellent surf.

您过去也曾生活在马来西亚,您是否会考虑搬回马来西亚? 如果您可以选择在亚洲任何一个国家工作,那会是哪个国家?

乖冷冀삔혼,뎃疼冷꼇삔쀼쯩윱鮫饑。 瞳컸랏낀댕賈乖삿돤죄冀뜩펜췸돨쒔저,뎃乖꼇콘綱乖鄧쒔겉劍싻隣소,옵굄돨角,乖杰갖돨댕꼬롸(黛주)떼굳팎뻐죄,혤랍덜裂돨角厘俑答蘆濂蹈。 옘쪄寧苟,侶횻乖懃姑。

乖瞳丹똑콩鮫饑똑법죄庫5쾨돨삶,흔벎乖狼疼늴瞳饑碌삶,乖극伎瞳侶쟁唐硅냈방땍昑,乖拳遼瞳것장돎。 즈훙쑵潔돨쳄稼、匡뺏、퍄꼈、주,鹿섟-離路狼돨角-六督돨녑읫뻔쓱。

Which food do you remember the most from the Asian trip? Any other new cuisine that you perhaps tried while in Asia ? Anything still on your mind ? 

After my set at Volnost we left the club at 6am and went out for these amazing noodles on ice with a spicy sesame broth that I’ve never forgotten. So refreshing and flavourful, and perfect for after a long night in the club – I’d go back to Seoul just to eat those again.

您最记得亚洲旅行中的哪种食物? 您在亚洲期间还尝试过其他新菜吗? 有些难以忘怀的事物吗?

乖瞳률랑킵薑景(Volnost)蘿놔빈,乖쳬豆6듐잼역얇있꼬,혼깥넜侶硅즈훙쑵펜돨충係,충렴淪乖닒灌戈션돨僅윤蓮쮸缺。 렷끽헌康쳄瓘,렷끽刊북瞳얇있꼬똑법寧몸찻낀돨拈功빈–乖삔쀼看랑疼넜寧늴。

We can all think about the damage of Coronavirus, but we also all know that it’s a sign from the earth that we are not necessary to live here.. Our planet would be healthier without us…  What are your thoughts on that ? What can change after the virus ? Are we all going to be the same ? There could be another outbreak followed by another one .. How would we live under constant lockdown ? Bad scenario I guess.. let’s try to be more positive …

I’ve grown more interested in the Gaia hypothesis lately. It’s the theory that the entire earth is a self-regulating system, and we are a part of it. When I think of the coronavirus in this context, it feels like a very direct message, and one we really must act upon. With the system proven to be as broken as it is, we now have a chance to rebuild that we’ve never had before. Considering the current state of our climate, this may well be our final chance. The timing is pretty insane when you think about it – we were literally reaching the final few months in which action on climate change could still potentially save us. For the first time since we learned of the climate crisis so many decades ago, emissions are going down. I do not believe anything will be the same after this, nor do I wish it to be. We were living a toxic dream that was already doomed to failure. The Earth may well be better off without us, but as a human myself (allegedly) I still wish to have some hope for our species. I think we can live in harmony with it if we learn to live a little differently. We must replace capitalism with a viable new system that favours equilibrium over growth. e way music fits into this new system will also have to be re-invented. With the live experience temporarily rendered impossible, perhaps we can learn to appreciate the value of recorded music again – which is something so powerful and precious yet almost entirely taken for granted to the point that a track that someone has spent hours, days, possibly months of their lives creating has been deemed a standard monetary value of less than one euro. I think livestreams are a little bit silly and will fade as the novelty wears off. Musicians will indeed struggle financially, but we’re in the same boat as a majority of people on the planet, so we will find a way. Most jobs were already going to come under threat from AI eventually, so we’re just experiencing that particular struggle a few years early. In fact literally everything we’re facing was already foreseen, so we should feel fortunate to be forced to act this soon and under relatively mild circumstances. The worst is yet to come, but humans are terribly resilient and resourceful. Obviously I’m talking from an incredibly privileged position here, as someone with a comfortable roof over my head in a country that offers some of the best healthcare in the world, and a government which has already given me more financial support than I expected possible at a time like this. So I am able to be hopeful for a better future, and I can sense changes in the water already. I only hope that others can feel it too so we’re able to grasp this opportunity together.

乖쳬떼鋼옘법박榴깹뗀돨誇벧,뎃乖쳬冷떼列돛,侶角뒈헷돨斤뵀,깊츠乖쳬청唐극狼遼瞳侶쟁。.청唐乖쳬,乖쳬돨槿헷쉥뫘속숯영〜〜퀭뚤늪唐부였랬?옵鹿맣긴痂척? 깹뗀裂빈 ? 寧학뻘삔寧湳찐? 옵콘삔疼괵랙寧늴。乖쳬쉥흔부瞳꼇뙤돨룐傑裂苟삶? 乖꼲角痘멤돨헙워..횻乖쳬끼桿뫘속생섐…

離쐤,乖뚤맨饑솝綱督윱督먁菫혹。 닒잿쬠쉿,憐몸뒈헷떼角寧몸菱乖딧쌘돨溝固,랍乖쳬角페櫓돨寧꼬롸。 瞳侶蘆헙워苟,뎠乖拳돕박榴깹뗀珂,먁얾앎獗角寧係렷끽殮쌈돨斤口,乖쳬횅茄극伎꽃혤契땡。 慤茄聯츠,맡溝固綠愆뻐,乖쳬君瞳唐샙삔路쉔鹿품닒灌唐법돨。 옘쪄돕乖쳬뎠품돨폭빅榴워,侶붤옵콘角乖쳬離빈돨샙삔。 繫법옘쪄珂샙,侶廬돨렷끽룩욺–茄셥,乖쳬綠쒔돕댐죄離빈섯몸墩,瞳컸섯몸墩櫓,壇뚤폭빅긴뺏돨契땡휄옵콘戀안乖쳬。 菱섯枷쾨품乖쳬죄썩돕폭빅誇샙鹿윱,탤렴좆攣瞳苟슉。 乖훰槨늪빈꼇삔唐훨부宮谿돨慤,冷꼇句寡흔늪。 乖쳬攣瞳쒔저寧몸鬧땍狼呵겨돨唐뗀촘拳。 청唐乖쳬,뒈헷옵콘삔긴돤뫘봤,뎃鱗槨훙잚乖菱성(앴냔),乖휄횔句寡뚤乖쳬돨膠蘆념찮句寡。 乖훰槨,흔벎乖쳬欺삔꼇谿돨삶,乖쳬옵鹿宅裂뵨均宮뇹。 乖쳬극伎痰寧몸옵契돨劤竟溝덜競栗굶寮屢,맡竟溝寮蠟엇뷜랍꼇角藤낀。 稜있刊북侶蘆劤溝固돨렘駕冷극伎路劤눼芚。譚黨董珂轟랬瓊묩君끝竟駱,冷冀乖쳬옵鹿欺삔疼늴隙쩌齡돨稜있돨송令-侶蘆묘콘퓻댕랍勵뱍,뎃섯빎供홍잿杰뎠횔뒈훰槨캐훙綠쒔빻롤죄鑒鬼珂,鑒莖逞鑒墩돨珂쇌儉쳬눼芚돨삶굳훰槨黨寧킹禱돨깃硫새귑송令。乖훰槨殮꺄祛횔唐듐大느,뎃踞淪劤蛋昑돨숑흽,劍삔磊쉈句呵。稜있소돨횅삔瞳쒔셌曆喇,뎃乖쳬宅뒈헷댕뜩鑒훙떼瞳谿寧係눋,杰鹿乖쳬쉥冷돕寧係쨌。離老,댕뜩鑒묏鱗쉥綠쒔肝돕AI돨瓜勻,杰鹿乖쳬怜角瞳섯쾨품쒔저죄侶寧景喝돨曆喇。茄셥,茄셥乖쳬綠쒔渡숨돕乖쳬杰충줄돨寧학,凜늪乖쳬壇맡먁돕妗頓돨角,굳팔瞳宮뚤侊뵨돨헙워苟쐴우꽃혤契땡。離뻐돨珂옻뻘청唐돕윱,뎃角훙잚홱렷끽唐훤昑뵨샙例。鞫횔,乖커품杰뇹돨景喝뻔쓱즈훙켜鹿零斤,凜槨唐훙瞳侶몸瓊묩各썹離봤돨努좟괏숯륩蛟돨벌소쟁,땅淪寧몸竭刊돨肱땅,랍할漣리綠쒔못죄乖궐乖渡퍅뫘뜩돨꼿漣連넣,쐴밗角瞳侶湳돨珂쇌。 凜늪,乖콘뭘뚤쳄봤돨灌윱념찮句寡,랍할乖綠쒔옵鹿먁얾돕彊돨긴뺏。 乖怜句寡페儉훙冷콘먁肝돕劍,鹿긱乖쳬콘뭘寧폅婁遼侶몸샙삔。

What is the best moment so far in your career?

There were two, of totally opposing merits: the moment I realised I’d just produced and mixed a track entirely on my own, and the moment Ryan wrote to me suggesting we work on some new music together.




Photography @keyistudio / @eyes_dice & @berlin_bunny_

Interview Grzegorz Bacinski & Izabella Chrobok

Model Zanias