Andreas H. Bitesnich: Selected Works 1991–2022 at IMMAGIS ART PHOTOGRAPHY, Munich from 6 October-19 November 2022

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On 6 October 2022, the Munich gallery IMMAGIS ART PHOTOGRAPHY will open the newest exhibition of the internationally renowned photographer Andreas H. Bitesnich (*1964, Vienna). The show Selected Works 1991–2022 presents a selection of his work from the past 30 years. Alongside his more well-known images, it also features sculptural nude compositions and minimalist arranged portraits.

Opening: Friday, 6 October 2022, 7 pm The photographer will be present

Duration: 7 October – 19 November 2022


Blütenstrasse 1, 80799 Munich, Germany

Bitesnich started working with photography in 1988 and trained intensively in the medium over the next ten years. Over time, the photographer increasingly focused on and specialized in nude photography. He found his visual language in strong contrasts and minimalistic compositions, gaining international recognition for his work in the late 1990s. 


While his body and portrait photographs are created mainly in the studio as black & white images, Bitesnich also has a great passion for street and travel photography, shooting mainly in color.


More information:

Publications (selection): NUDES (Stemmele, 1998), WOMAN (teNeues: 2001),  EROTIC (teNeues, 2010), DEEPER SHADES #01 NEW YORK (Room5Books, 2011), and DEEPER SHADES #02 TOKYO (2012), DEEPER SHADES #03 Paris (2013), DEEPER SHADES #04 Vienna (2015), all published by Room5Books.

出版物(精选)。NUDES (Stemmele, 1998), WOMAN (teNeues: 2001), EROTIC (teNeues, 2010), DEEPER SHADES #01 NEW YORK (Room5Books, 2011), 以及 DEEPER SHADES #02 TOKYO (2012), DEEPER SHADES #03 Paris (2013), DEEPER SHADES #04 Vienna (2015) ,均由 Room5Books出版。

Exhibitions (selection): 1993: first exhibition Photographien, Galerie Würthle, Vienna; 2002: Solo Show Tension – Andreas H. Bitesnich, Modernbook Gallery 1060, Los Angeles; Us, Modernbook Gallery 494, Palo Alto; 2003/2004: retrospective Andreas H. Bitesnich Photography, Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe, Hamburg; 2008: solo show More Nudes, Galerie Westlicht Vienna; 2012: Solo Show Deeper Shades – New York, Leica Gallery, Prague; 2013: solo show Places & Spaces, Empty Quarter Gallery, Dubai; 2018: solo show Nudes, Travel Gallery, Liège; 2020: solo show Deeper Shades. Lisbon and Other Cities, Museu Coleção Berardo, Lisbon.

展览(选择)。1993年:第一次展览Photographien,Galerie Würthle,维也纳;2002年。个展《张力–安德烈亚斯-H-贝特尼奇》,Modernbook 1060画廊,洛杉矶;《我们》,Modernbook 494画廊,帕洛阿尔托;2003/2004:回顾展《安德烈亚斯-H-贝特尼奇摄影》,汉堡艺术与珠宝博物馆;2008:个展《更多裸体》,维也纳Westlicht画廊;2012。个展Deeper Shades – New York, Leica Gallery, Prague; 2013年:个展Places & Spaces, Empty Quarter Gallery, Dubai; 2018年:个展Nudes, Travel Gallery, Liège; 2020年:个展Deeper Shades. 里斯本和其他城市,Museu Coleção Berardo,里斯本。

Founded in 2009, IMMAGIS ART PHOTOGRAPHY is a leading gallery for contemporary photography based in Munich’s Museumsviertel. IMMAGIS stands for expertise, integrity, and discretion in dealing with international museums and private collections; for innovation in terms of the variety of print techniques available; and for quality in the conception, staging, and presentation of photography exhibitions. Its roster includes artists Ellen von Unwerth, Tyler Shields, David Drebin, Sylvie Blum, Joachim Schmeisser, Tom Jacobi, Jan Schlegel, Marc Hom, and Mona Kuhn, to name a few. More at:

IMMAGIS ART PHOTOGRAPHY成立于2009年,是一家位于慕尼黑Museumsviertel的当代摄影的领先画廊。IMMAGIS代表着与国际博物馆和私人收藏品打交道的专业性、完整性和谨慎性;代表着在可用的各种印刷技术方面的创新;代表着在摄影展览的构思、舞台和展示方面的质量。其名册包括艺术家Ellen von Unwerth、Tyler Shields、David Drebin、Sylvie Blum、Joachim Schmeisser、Tom Jacobi、Jan Schlegel、Marc Hom和Mona Kuhn等等。更多信息见