Photographer EMILY DODD-NOBLE presents ”72 HOURS” photo-series documenting Berlin underground rave scene during lockdown 2021.

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Emily Dodd-Noble is a Berlin based, analogue photographer who looks to capture the raw and genuine, intimate moment of interaction between herself and the subject matter Dodd-Noble focuses on the beautiful authenticity of one’s personality, and their unapologetic
sense of self.

Emily Dodd-Noble是一位驻柏林的模拟摄影师,她希望捕捉到自己与拍摄对象之间原始、真实、亲密的互动时刻,Dodd-Noble专注于一个人的美丽真实性,以及他们毫不掩饰的

Dodd-Noble attends voguing balls, queer underground parties, drag shows and queer festivals, with the intention of photographing people from queer, non-binary, BIPOC and LBGTQIA+ communities. Through her photography Dodd-Noble aims to show people the strength of their
uniqueness and allow them to celebrate how their true self, despite being different, is immensely beautiful.
Within Berlin there are vast communities of like minded, beautiful outcasts, who all come together, because they truly understand how it feels to not conform to traditional gender constructs. Within these safe spaces people are free to be themselves, to dance, perform and come together as one unified force. The energy is infectious with positivity and radiance reverberating off the walls. It is a privilege to attend these events, to witness people being their true, authentic, unapologetic selves.


Photography is prohibited in the majority of Berlin parties in order to create anonymity and safe spaces. Dodd-Noble asks permission from the events and expresses the intention of the images as empowerment. Consent is 100% asked to ensure the subject feels comfortable as
consent is non-negotiable. This brief moment of stillness between the subject and the lense is one of calm and trust. The subject is encouraged to be simply what and who they want to be and Dodd-Noble captures simply this. The goal is for this person to be themselves, to feel the magnitude of their existence and surrender to the fact that they truly matter.


Dodd-Noble attends these events to take portraits of these remarkable souls and to show them and those around them, how spectacularly exquisite they are, regardless of what anyone else thinks.


Working solely with analogue photography, the understanding of light plays a vital role in the outcome of the work. Constantly searching for the light, physically and metaphorically. Dodd-Noble enters a space persistently aware of her surroundings, analysing and absorbing the space in which she finds herself. This visual awareness creates a strong sense of presence for the artist, resulting in photography becoming a tool for a mindful demeanor.


Dodd-Noble is gifted a uniquely rare moment of vulnerability from the subject matter, where Dodd-Noble is able to absorb the energy the individual presents to them.


The images are a first hand understanding of the situational connection built by the artist and those being photographed. The conscious use of film, enables the captured image to depict the precise moment and energy present at this time. The beautiful imperfection of the pixels enhances the organic understanding of the interaction between subject matter and viewer.


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