Hadone Opens the Door to an Evolutionary New Label Project with His Debut LP ‘What I Was Running From’  + Track Premiere

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As a producer, DJ and live performer, Hadone seamlessly blends modern and ’90s techno to produce a unique raw sound, Hadone has mesmerised crowds globally with his anthemic melancholia. Known for his musical identity, Hadone’s producer skills have attracted the demand of several notorious labels, including Monnom Black, Taapion, Kaos and Klakson, among others.

作为一名制作人、DJ和现场表演者,Hadone将现代和90年代的电子乐完美地融合在一起,产生了独特的原始声音,Hadone用他的反歌式的忧郁让全球的人群着迷。以他的音乐身份而闻名,Hadone的制作人技能吸引了几个声名狼藉的厂牌的需求,包括Monnom Black、Taapion、Kaos和Klakson等等。

November 2022 sees the inception of not only Hadone’s first ever feature LP but also his artistically driven and expansive label project ‘Things We Never Did’. Marking the first release on the imprint, ‘What I Was Running From’ spans nine individually unique records, including a special collaboration with friend and fellow French producer Askkin. One of the standout breaks tracks on the LP, it was the first track they made together.

2022年11月,Hadone不仅推出了他的第一张专辑,而且还推出了他的艺术驱动和广泛的标签项目 “Things We Never Did”。作为该唱片公司的第一张唱片,”What I Was Running From “横跨九张独立的唱片,包括与朋友和法国制作人Askkin的特别合作。 这张唱片中最突出的休息曲目之一,是他们一起制作的第一首曲目。

A culmination of all things influential in modern underground techno, blending 4×4 raw techno tracks with more spirited melodic pieces, Hadone’s debut LP is a telling celebration of several immersive sub-genres combined with his renowned sonic despondency. The result: a careful balance of richly electronic emotional cuts and racy industrialised techno with a gritty minimalist feel. “Not only the music is destined to evolve, but the whole environment that goes with it will be rethought on a recurring basis” adds Jeremy.


Title track ‘What I Was Running From’ was made after he finally found inspiration after the pandemic and was written in an hour. “I think my best tracks are made fast, as they don’t reply in any intention but feelings only, therefore they are natural and reflect my true style” adds Jeremy. Its fast paced bassline and jittery stabs, give the track an choppy break beat influenced vibe opening the album with true intent.

标题曲 “What I Was Running From “是他在大流行病后终于找到灵感,在一个小时内写成的。”我认为我最好的曲目是快速完成的,因为它们没有任何意图,只有感觉,因此它们是自然的,反映了我的真实风格。它的快节奏基调和抖动的刺痛,给这首曲子带来了波涛汹涌的Break beat影响的氛围,以真正的意图打开了专辑。

‘What I Was Running from’ offers a transcendental eye through the looking glass at a project that incorporates music, a digital interactive universe, a fashion collaboration with precocious Parisian footwear brand Philéo. A creative collaboration which has resulted in a limited collection of 2 styles, available on both TWND’s digital universe and Philéo direct.

我在逃避什么 “提供了一个超凡脱俗的视角,这个项目结合了音乐、数字互动宇宙、与早熟的巴黎鞋类品牌Philéo的时尚合作。 这一创造性的合作产生了一个由两个款式组成的限量系列,在TWND的数字宇宙和Philéo直接供货。

For the 1st year designs, graphism by Raphael Clerget “leverages the power of art to underline the importance of saving our relation to time and improve focus.” Raphael brings his vision of complexity and darkness through refined aesthetics carried out for the digital universe, label and merchandise.

对于第一年的设计,拉斐尔-克莱吉特的图形主义 “利用艺术的力量来强调拯救我们与时间的关系和提高注意力的重要性”。 拉斐尔通过为数字世界、标签和商品进行的精致美学,带来了他对复杂性和黑暗的看法。

TWND’s digital universe is a webapp designed and developed by Yanis Sabir, paying tribute to the gaming world. Visitors immerse themselves into a digital world where you can find music, videos, games, merch and much more. Music of course will be the very core of It, but will be carefully paired with gaming, design, short movies, fashion, and more. He invites us all to lose your sense of time in an artistic digital world without pressure.

TWND的数字宇宙是一个由Yanis Sabir设计和开发的网络应用,向游戏世界致敬。访问者沉浸在一个数字世界中,在那里你可以找到音乐、视频、游戏、商品和更多。当然,音乐将是它的核心,但将与游戏、设计、短片、时尚等精心搭配。他邀请我们所有人在一个没有压力的艺术数字世界中失去你的时间感。