drops the first release of 2022 on Suara. A Moment Of Mayhem’ features his signature serving of techno with 4 original tracks + Track Premiere

Spread the love is pioneering the latest generation of clubbing fanatics. His uniquely raw, energetic sound has led to recognition and support from key producers within the underground scene. He maybe young, but stands out from the crowd when it comes to producers, with a heavy focus on developing the nightlife


Note that this will be the first and only release ‘A Moment Of Mayhem’ from this year, he makes his debut on Coyu’s imprint Suara on the 28th October, with a hard hitting four-track release.

请注意,这将是Frazi.er今年第一次也是唯一一次发行 “A Moment Of Mayhem”,他将于10月28日在Coyu的唱片公司Suara首次发行,发行的四首曲子很有冲击力。

Opening with ‘A Moment Of Love’, taking you on a kaleidoscopic joyride through industrial- influenced acid techno laced with harsh sonics and imposing drum work. ‘Distant Future Of The World’ comes next, loaded with mind-bending modular drive and eerily hypnotic vocals wrapped in a stadium-sized package of hammering drums and coarse percussion from start to finish. ‘Do You Want To Trip With Me’ keeps the urgent callousness of gritty industrial techno at a premium, featuring an endless sea of toxic synths and roaring bass notes throughout.

以 “A Moment Of Love “开场,带你进入一个万花筒式的、受工业影响的、带着刺耳声音和强而有力的鼓声的酸性技术乐章。 接下来是《Distant Future Of The World》,充满了令人心烦意乱的模块驱动和令人毛骨悚然的催眠人声,从头到尾都被一个体育场大小的锤击鼓和粗糙的打击乐包裹着。 Do You Want To Trip With Me “保持了工业电子乐的紧迫感和冷酷感,以无尽的有毒合成器和咆哮的低音为特色。

‘Order Of The Mayhem’ sees off the release with a knockout blow, keeping a firm foot on the gas. Its marauding melodic layers doubled up hat sequences fill the mix with unavoidable adrenaline-inducing momentum whilst you’re met head-on with shards of rave and hard dance alongside thumping drums and a raw percussive flair.

Order Of The Mayhem “为这张唱片揭开了序幕,并保持了对油门的严格控制。其掠夺性的旋律层与帽子序列相叠加,在混合中充满了不可避免的诱发肾上腺素的势头,同时你会在砰砰作响的鼓声和原始的敲击声中,迎面遇到狂欢和硬舞的碎片。



1) – ‘Distant Future Of The World’ 

2) – ‘A Moment Of Love’page1image64727824page1image64728240

3) – ‘Do You Want To Trip With Me’ 4) – ‘Order Of The Mayhem’