Where poetry meets music. VIDEOPREMIERE + Q/A with the owner of label LYREE – Valerio Polani.

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The Berlin based label “lyree” continues its series with the release number “003” of the catalog.

Each Record comes with a poem written by the label owner Valerio Polani as an insert.

“Kuruka” is an electric and sparkling V.A. composed by Temudo, Judas, Quelza, D-Leria and JLTZ.

The conceptual aspect of combining the arts of Music, Photography and Poetry is still well marked in this release, as well as the futuristic groovy and dark-tense sound that has characterized the label so far.

From the rawness and aggressiveness of “Fuck Fifa” by Temudo and “La Charmeuse” by Quelza, to the “plasticky” brain-melting synths of “Berimbau De Boca” by D-Leria, passing through the darkness loopy ” Σ-Range” by JudaΣ and the new acid of “Acid On The Rocks” by JLTZ, “Kuruka” manages to capture the listener’s psyche and to drag him onto fiery dancefloors.

We had a pleasure to talk with the label owner VALERIO POLANI and ask him more about it.

位于柏林的厂牌 “lyree “继续其系列,发布了目录中的 “003 “号。

我们有幸与该品牌的所有者Valerio Polani交谈,并向他了解更多情况。



从Temudo的 “Fuck Fifa “和Quelza的 “La Charmeuse “的原始性和侵略性,到D-Leria的 “Berimbau De Boca “的 “Plasticky “融化大脑的合成器,通过JudaΣ的黑暗循环 “Σ-Range “和JLTZ的 “Acid On The Rocks “的新酸,《Kuruka》设法捕捉听众的心理并将其拖入火热的舞池。

每张唱片都有标签所有者Valerio Polani写的一首诗作为插页。

Photo Cover by Valerio Polani – Artwork by Metaprog
Master by Joao Rodrigues at Tema Mastering Studio.
Listen here & support it here via BandCamp

Tell us about the label and it’s aesthetics. What was the trigger to start the label and your personal path? 

The idea of lyree was in my mind since very long time. Obviously not so well structured, but the idea of ​​launching a label was something I felt I wanted to do for a long time.

I simply did not want to create a banal and basic project and therefore I took some time to structure the idea better and find some details to give importance to. Ironically, an important moment was the beginning of the pandemic … the lockdown and the whole situation that forced us to stay home, gave me the opportunity to be more creative and have more ideas for lyree.



Each Record comes with a poem and it’s very unique also like the word lyree which comes from “lyre”, an ancient musical instrument which was often depicted in the ancient frescoes while played by Apollo, the god of music and poetry. How did you got into poetry & music?

Yes, there will never be a release without a poem included.

This is the main concept of the label and it will always be like this. Poetry in some way has always been a part of me … as well as writing in general. Obviously, it is a fluctuating factor. There are times when I am more inspired and others less so. There are times when I wrote poetry even inside Berghain for example, and others when I looked at the blank sheet for hours without writing a word. As mentioned earlier, the arrival of Covid gave me a lot of inspiration, I spent nights writing verses on the walls of the house and the first poem in LYREE001 is in fact inspired by the pandemic.

The music came later of course. Techno and electronics in particular. I’ve always had a romantic approach to it. I fell in love with tracks or even artists, but in those days it was not that easy to have all the information you have today in a few seconds. There was no Instagram, there were no social medias … it was more complicated even just to associate a face to the name. So I spent a lot of hours researching and researching, and in the end I realized that my tastes were constantly changing, every time I “discovered” a new style of techno, a new sound and I fell in love more and more, until I decided to live closer to all this, moving to Berlin.

每张唱片都有一首诗,而且非常独特,就像lyree这个词一样,它来自 “lyre”,一种古老的乐器,在古代壁画中经常被描绘成由音乐和诗歌之神阿波罗演奏。您是如何接触到诗歌和音乐的?

当然,音乐是后来才有的。特别是技术和电子。我一直对它有一种浪漫的态度。我爱上了曲目甚至艺术家,但在那些日子里,要在几秒钟内获得今天所有的信息并不那么容易。没有Instagram,没有社交媒体……甚至仅仅是将脸和名字联系在一起都比较复杂。所以我花了很多时间研究和调查,最后我意识到我的口味在不断变化,每次我 “发现 “一种新的电子乐风格,一种新的声音,我越来越喜欢,直到我决定住在离这一切更近的地方,搬到柏林。

Tell us about the D-Leria – Berimbau De Boca video and idea + team involved behind it’s production.

It will seem strange but there is no real team behind the video, but it is all the work of a dear friend of mine, now based in New York, Virgil aka Soe Blend (@soe.blend). I explained to him that the release is very connected to the weeks I spent in Africa, in Tanzania. The photo I decided to use as a cover indeed, was taken by me at the Ngorongoro crater, in the area surrounding Kilimanjaro; and also the name of the release “Kuruka”, in Shwaili language means “to fly”. 

As a spoiler I can also tell you that the poetry of this release LYREE003 is inspired by Africa, its landscapes, the Masai, the sensations I felt during that trip. For all this, with Virgil, we decided to propose the same settings also in the video, and the words that appear in the videos are words present in the poem. He did a great job, fantastic, also because he managed to do it while making everything “pink” in perfect lyree style.

请告诉我们关于D-Leria – Berimbau De Boca视频和它的制作背后的想法+团队。

这看起来很奇怪,但视频背后没有真正的团队,但这都是我一个亲爱的朋友的作品,现在在纽约,Virgil,又名Soe Blend(@soe.blend)。我向他解释说,这个版本与我在非洲坦桑尼亚度过的几个星期非常相关。我决定用作封面的照片确实是我在恩戈罗戈罗火山口拍摄的,位于乞力马扎罗山周围的地区;而且发行的名字 “Kuruka”,在斯瓦利语中是 “飞 “的意思。
作为一个破坏者,我还可以告诉你,这次发行的《LYREE003》的诗歌灵感来自非洲,它的风景,马赛人,以及我在那次旅行中的感觉。为了这一切,与维吉尔一起,我们决定在视频中也提出同样的设置,而视频中出现的词就是诗中出现的词。他做得很好,非常棒,还因为他成功地做到了这一点,同时使一切 “粉红色 “的东西都具有完美的莱里风格。

How did you connect with the artists you are releasing via your label? How do you plan, curate and put the releases together?

I won’t deny that it’s really hard to manage a vinyl label these days. Unfortunately, the press plants have very long production times, and even just releasing two records in one year can be impossible. Despite this, I decided to continue on my way, although it is a bit more uphill and the procedure is slower now.

The artists I choose for my label are all artists that I respect in the scene and at the top of my list of favorites, in some way with all those selected so far, I have a friendly relationship too and this makes lyree even more special for me.



Any future plans? Could you reveal us the secrets about future projects?

Of course at the moment I’m working on the fourth release, and I’m starting to think about something even more special for the fifth, but it will take some time. 

Moreover last month in August, there was the label’s first showcase at Renate with VSK and D-Leria, and over time I’d like to be able to organize more by involving more artists.



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