Detroit’s deep techno master, Deepchord returns to Soma after 5 years with the Functional Designs.

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The new album features eleven tracks and an accompanying video designed by Glasgow based artist, Steven McFarlane. A hazy journey over the Amsterdam, the video is a visual depiction of a sonic memory. Like all Deepchord’s videos, it represents the ventures he’s taken into the sounds of cities across the world.

这张新专辑有11首歌曲和一个由格拉斯哥的艺术家Steven McFarlane设计的配套视频。在阿姆斯特丹的朦胧旅程中,该视频是对声音记忆的视觉描述。像Deepchord的所有视频一样,它代表了他对世界各地城市的声音的冒险。

From Steven McFarlane :  

” The main focus of the visuals for me was to keep the energy in match with the contemplative track called “Memories”. The song gave off a nostalgic vibe for me, and I wanted to tie this in with the City of Amsterdam which I know is a city Deepchord has been to and enjoyed. I used slow panning shots of the city to tie in with the slowly evolving track, along with waterside & aerial shots to give the viewer a real sense of Amsterdam. Almost like they are slowly moving throughout the city. Everything has then finally been processed with a warm/retro effect to again match the energy of the track.”

” 对我来说,视觉效果的主要重点是保持能量与名为 “回忆 “的沉思曲相匹配。这首歌给了我一种怀旧的感觉,我想把它和阿姆斯特丹结合起来,我知道Deepchord曾经去过这个城市,并且很喜欢。我使用了城市的慢速平移镜头,以配合缓慢发展的曲目,以及水边和空中镜头,让观众真正感受到阿姆斯特丹。几乎就像他们在整个城市慢慢移动一样。然后,所有的东西最后都被处理成温暖/复古的效果,以再次匹配这首曲子的能量”。

Dropping 30th September, Functional Designs sees the enigmatic Detroit based producer invite us back into his sonic realm via night-walks through numerous cities before being transmuted into aural excellence through field recordings, holographic synth tones, cosmic sounds and the hiss of electric wires. All swimming around in filtered 4/4 beats and subterranean basslines. The album is a perfect example of electroacoustic techno transmitted from undisclosed locations, the amalgamation of swirling tapestries of sound, deeper than night and lifeforms moving around underneath the grid.

9月30日,Functional Designs在底特律的制作人邀请我们回到他的声音领域,在通过现场录音、全息合成器音调、宇宙声音和电线的嘶嘶声被转化为卓越的声音之前,他在许多城市进行了夜行活动。所有这些都在过滤的4/4节拍和地下基调中游走。这张专辑是一个完美的电声技术的例子,从未公开的地点传输,声音的漩涡毯的混合,比夜更深,生命体在电网下移动。

The album glistens into existence with the beatless Amber breathing life into the project before the eventide of Darkness Falls offers a beautifully subtle and contemplative atmosphere. The guiding light of Transit Systems continues offering up melancholy with echoing percussion and drifting soundscapes. The highly processed acoustics of Strangers (available on Spotify now) brings a sense of intrigue to the album’s journey as Modell works in the most percussive track so far. Panacast is exotic dub techno at its finest, with warping and perfectly crafted synth work building gently over the top of sub heavy beats, glued perfectly together by the hiss of the collected found sounds.

这张专辑在无节拍的《Amber》中闪亮登场,在《Darkness Falls》的事件中提供了一个美丽的微妙和沉思的氛围。转运系统》的引导之光继续提供忧郁的回声打击乐和漂移的音景。Strangers》(现在可在Spotify上下载)的高度处理过的声学作品为专辑的旅程带来了一种阴谋感,因为Modell在迄今为止最有冲击力的曲目中工作。Panacast是最好的异国dub techno,扭曲和完美的合成器工作轻轻地建立在重低音的顶部,被收集的声音的嘶嘶声完美地粘在一起。

Shot with FIMO PAN 100.

In a slight rise in tempo, CloudSat, makes a journey skyward, collecting mood and feelings from high altitude with its emotive synth work. The reverberating halls of Pressure again work as a testament to Modell’s sonic crafting – homing in on specific artefacts from his field recordings, imbuing them with deeper purpose. The perfectly titled Ebb and Flow drifts effortlessly on a tide of evolving, blissful sound waves crashing to shore as each one overlaps the other. Beginning the descent into the final part of the album, you begin your ride across a cosmic plain, lit by the glistening and ethereal Sun. The meditative Memories opens a conduit to other realms as the album closes out with the elysian melodies of Drassanes.


Deepchord once again proves he is a producer like no other. A true sonic sculptor who uses his real-world experience to create vast, unparalleled soundscapes that captivate and enthral the listener.


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