Fashion Editorial by Olga Grin “Mix Of Poles”

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” 我的灵感来自于挑战,在现代阅读中扩散日本和哥特式的激进风格,以及未来主义和运动元素。我只是想,如果有一个平行世界存在,时尚以另一种方式发展,会是什么样子呢?”

Olga Grin

” I was inspired by challenge to make a diffusion of japaneese and gothic militant styles in modern reading, along with futurism and sport elements. I just thought what if a parallel world existed, and fashion developed in another way, what could it look like? “

Olga Grin

Photographer/AD/stylist/Designer : Olga Grin @olgagrinnn 

models: Anastasya Emanova, Viktoria Borisova

Makeup: Anastasia Fortuna

brands: Amoyato, @fishlab_fashion, @olgagrinnn

assistants: Torosian Alena, Mary Savina, PSFA academy