Just months after the release of his debut LP, Full Frontal Lunacy, Vexillary is back with a refreshed sound on his sophomore effort, „Crash and Yearn” + Video Premiere

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„Crash and Yearn”. Taking a rhythmic approach to dark wave and adding more vocals to the mix, he presents an evolved and more mature sound that evokes an emotional response from the listener throughout its 9 energetic tracks. 

“Crash and Yearn”。他采用了暗波的节奏方法,并在混合中加入了更多的人声,呈现出一种进化的、更成熟的声音,在其9首充满活力的曲目中唤起听众的情感反应。 

Loosely based on the Fall of Icarus, „Crash and Yearn” thematically takes the listener on a sonic journey destined for a doomed end that’s fully worth its pleasures along the way. “Your burnt wings tell a story, of odd fascinations one should never speak of” sings guest vocalist Baylee on the title track- crystallising the concept of the album. 

松散地基于伊卡洛斯的陨落,”Crash and Yearn “在主题上将听众带入了一个注定要结束的声音旅程,而这一路上的乐趣是完全值得的。”你烧焦的翅膀讲述了一个故事,关于一个人不应该说的奇怪的迷恋”,客座歌手Baylee在标题曲中唱道–这也是这张专辑的概念的结晶。 

‘Come as Your Madness’ is the first video from the new album, and was made in collaboration with Glass Void- the leading experimental video artist known for his unique use of analog glitch effects. The song expresses the trials of a troubled relationship in an abstract way and was an early standout during the creation of the record with its emotive vocals and hypnotic rhythms. When it came time to make the video, it was apparent that an experimental cinematic style would be the right fit for the song to help augment the story behind the record, while maintaining the mystery behind it.

Come as Your Madness》是新专辑中的第一支视频,是与Glass Void合作制作的,Glass Void是领先的实验视频艺术家,以其对模拟突变效果的独特使用闻名。这首歌以一种抽象的方式表达了一段麻烦的关系的考验,并在唱片创作期间以其情感丰富的歌声和催眠的节奏成为早期的佼佼者。当制作视频的时候,很明显,实验性的电影风格将适合这首歌,以帮助增强唱片背后的故事,同时保持它背后的神秘性。


Reza Seirafi


Glass Void 





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‘Come as Your Madness’ Directed by Reza Seirafi and Glass Void VFX and editing by Glass Void