Tiger of Sweden showcases Spring Summer 2024 collection, “Söt!“, during Paris Fashion Week under the creative direction of Bryan Conway.

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Introducing the “Söt!” Spring Summer Collection, drawing inspiration from the endearing Swedish term that encompasses all things sweet and cute. This collection weaves a narrative of summer romance and nostalgia, reflecting the natural process of falling in love amidst the warmth of the season.

Captured against the picturesque backdrop of Stockholm by photographer Ola Rindal, the campaign harmonizes with the surrounding greenery and rugged landscapes, evoking a sense of romance akin to an Abba pop song.

” In essence, Spring Summer 2024 embraces not being afraid to show who you are – showing your true self with what you wear. This symbolic act of allowing yourself to be seen and be vulnerable is echoed throughout the collection.“ Bryan Conway, Creative Director at Tiger of Sweden.

Embracing authenticity and vulnerability, the Spring Summer 2024 line celebrates the courage to reveal one’s true self through fashion. Vintage Tiger of Sweden logos and nostalgic elements like trucker hats and deconstructed dungaree dresses evoke memories of the past, interwoven into the fabric of each design.

With each stitch and detail, the collection invites you to write your own story of love, nostalgia, and self-expression.

Spring Summer 2024 beckons you to embrace your true essence. Allowing yourself to be seen and celebrated in all your vulnerability and authenticity.

The collection bursts with vibrant colors and textures. It is juxtaposing light hues of yellow, blue, and pink against bold contrasts of green and rust orange.

Needle-punched hearts and Swedish grace porcelain prints adorn the fabrics, adding a whimsical touch to trenchcoats, shirts, and suits.

Delving deeper, the garments reveal glimpses of vulnerability through exposed details and tailored finishes. From structured silhouettes crafted with tailored fabric reminiscent of horsehair canvas to denim washed to resemble a field’s ruggedness. Each piece promises a blend of luxury and modernity.

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