More than 2 years after his last solo project, François X returns with an EP on his new platform, XX LAB.

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Founded in 2021, the label draws its direct inspiration from the philosophical concept of private corporations, traditionally portrayed in modern SF culture like Tyrell Corp in Blade Runner – Weyland Industries in Alien/ Cyberdyne Systems/Terminator and whose intended purposes are to convey a notion of moral greatness to the human race.

Faithfully following the label aesthetic, the tracks precisely reveal key themes of loneliness and self-identity quest, translated into a sheer combination of ecstatic and murky feelings accompanied by body bumping grooves. Recorded prolifically during covid this record unveils an innovative approach to techno from François, by incorporating modern pop and rap productions techniques he has developed over the period like arrangements and Vocal FX (all the vocals loops and FXs are his).

There is a profound sense of creative freedom in how François X’s music has evolved recently. Shifting from academic techno structures in his previous work, to a more brutal and edgy aesthetic, François has definitely unleashed his productive spirit.

The opening track “Forever’ N’ ‘Fever’ represents a prime example of this imaginative boiling mind, setting off the EP’s murky tone with its evocative trappish vibe. This driving effervescence brings out a remarkable plurality in the tonalities of the compositions, swinging between the prompt and fiery club-ready atmosphere of “Lone Wolf Cabin” to the ecstatic and emotive chemistry of “Shame Stare”. This paradoxical structure can also inform us about its creator, as a retranscription of the emotions that run through him.

The musical output will be accompanied by an edited soundtrack of the ep, where each track is properly introduced by François X and one of the XX LAB representative. It will be released on a 50 limited edition 7’ square clear vinyl. Challenging his role as an artist, the selfishness that comes with it and the limit of his dedication, François X is acting as a contemporary cow-boy, deeply entwined with his utopian dreams.

Photo @KEYI STUDIO in Seoul

François X 在他上一个个人项目后的 2 年多之后,在他的新平台 XX LAB 上带着一张 EP 回归。

该品牌成立于 2021 年,其直接灵感来自私营公司的哲学概念,传统上在现代科幻文化中被描绘,如《银翼杀手》中的 Tyrell Corp – Alien/Cyber​​dyne Systems/Terminator 中的 Weyland Industries,其预期目的是传达一种概念人类道德的伟大。

忠实地遵循标签美学,这些曲目准确地揭示了孤独和自我认同追求的关键主题,转化为伴随着身体碰撞凹槽的狂喜与阴暗的纯粹结合。这张唱片在 covid 期间大量录制,揭示了 François 对技术的创新方法,通过结合他在此期间开发的现代流行和说唱制作技术,如编曲和人声 FX(所有的人声循环和 FX 都是他的)。

弗朗索瓦 X 的音乐最近的演变过程中有一种深刻的创作自由感。弗朗索瓦从之前作品中的学术技术结构转变为更加残酷和前卫的美学,无疑释放了他的创作精神。

开场曲“Forever”N“Fever”代表了这种富有想象力的沸腾思想的典型例子,以其令人回味的陷阱氛围衬托了 EP 的阴暗基调。这种强烈的热情在乐曲的音调中带来了显着的多样性,在“独狼小屋”的迅速和火热的俱乐部氛围与“羞耻凝视”的欣喜若狂和情绪化的化学反应之间摇摆不定。这种自相矛盾的结构也可以让我们了解它的创造者,作为对贯穿他的情绪的重新转录。

音乐输出将附有经过编辑的 ep 配乐,其中每首曲目均由 François X 和 XX LAB 代表之一正确介绍。它将以 50 个限量版 7′ 方形透明乙烯基发行。弗朗索瓦 X 挑战自己作为艺术家的角色,挑战随之而来的自私和奉献的极限,扮演当代牛仔,与他的乌托邦梦想深深纠缠在一起。

Photo Manuel Obadia-Wills