Maximilian Gedra ignites Berlin Fashion Week with their AW24 collection “Stalactite”

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In a debut that ignited day two of Berlin Fashion Week, Maximilian Gedra delivered a striking ode to Berlin with their AW24 collection.

Set against the backdrop of relentless dark techno beats, the brand’s inaugural showcase served as a celebratory declaration of identity and freedom.

Photographer: Gillian Neumann

Titled “Stalactite,” the collection found its thematic resonance in the spikes adorning garments and the icicle-inspired headpieces worn by models, evoking a sense of raw, elemental beauty.

The performative aspects of the models’ catwalk amplified the celebratory queerness of the collection. The opening look—a latex dress with an exaggerated shape reminiscent of insects’ wings—set the tone, with the model incorporating a moth-like performance into their walk, signaling an embrace of metamorphosis and transformation.

Photographer: Gillian Neumann

The Russian-Estonian model and singer Britney Manson stole the show with an iconic walk, wearing a gigantic black leather-latex hat and dress with spiked details.

Photographer: Sven Lerch

Throughout the collection, Gedra’s aesthetic remained steadfastly loyal to the brand’s Berlin roots: predominantly black leather garments and latex dominated the runway.

Exaggerated silhouettes and a daring reimagination of the human form further underscored the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries of limitations. By recreating the silhouettes that are far from the “original” human body form, it artfully reinstated how many in the Berlin underground scene feel about their body—queer and alien.

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Author: Jeen

Photographer: Sven Lerch