GLÜCK AW24 presentation at Berlin Fashion Week brought us sequin dreamscapes and mushroom textiles

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Ukraine-born, Berlin-based fashion brand GLÜCK, made a dazzling debut at Berlin Fashion Week with a presentation about dreams, nature and human imagination.

GLÜCK, under the creative direction of designer Egor Bashtovenko, is redefining party wear with remarkable success. The latest couture collection draws inspiration from the fundamental elements of earth, air, fire, and water. The designer’s penchant for working with challenging materials, such as patent and mesh fabrics, extends to biotechnological experimentation. Leo Lemberg, GLÜCK’s co-founder and a trained biotechnologist, reveals the incorporation of textiles derived from mushrooms in the new collection.

Photos by Boris Marberg

GLÜCK’s diversity in fabrics, colors, prints, and silhouettes mimics the fleeting scenes that dance in and out of our subconscious that we experience in our dreams.

A diverse cast of characters entered the stage, one emerging in a bodysuit, a shimmering ensemble of red and golden sequins that concealed even the head and face. Another character seemed to have crawled from the depths of a mystical forest, with long green nails and a felted dress resembling moss, embellished with otherworldly black flowers – or were they fungi? Next, a seductive presence made an entrance, cloaked in tiger print. They moved gracefully through the space, donning a colossal headpiece and wielding an incense stick that filled the air with a sweet and potent fragrance.

Photos by Boris Marberg

Amidst the fantastical array of ensembles, one model emerged in a nude bodysuit adorned with shimmering sequins and beads, forming a pattern reminiscent of human arteries—a surreal nod to the marriage of art and anatomy.

In contrast, other outfits presented a more familiar elegance, such as a mermaid gown featuring dramatic draping sleeves and a lustrous sequined collar that added a touch of glamor to GLÜCK’s runway.

Photos by Boris Marberg

The couture show climaxed with a self-spinning dress worn by model Daniel Yu, a symbolic representation of an alarm clock heralding the awakening from the dream world.

Engineers developed a special mechanical system, ensuring the dress’s mesmerising self-spinning motion became the crescendo of the showcase. Here, all snooze buttons were definitely pressed – the enchantment of GLÜCK’s creations encouraged us to savour the moment and let the dreamlike atmosphere linger just a bit longer.

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Author Kelly van Gemert
Photos by Boris Marberg