We are thrilled to unveil an official side event at this year’s Berlin Fashion Week with the official event to bring together the fashion art music in one place at legendary Oxi Club together with Keyi Magazine and partners Cinettica Festival, Berlin Fashion Film Festival.

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This groundbreaking partnership promises to elevate the fashion experience to new heights, featuring renowned artists such as the exceptional Helena Hauff and more!


From 6pm – 8pm ( !!! ) , make sure that you arrive early for the shows! There is a special ticket for arrival until 9pm with good price after pre-registration here

Cinettica is a fashion, film, art festival founded by filmmaker and music producer Dfaniks based in NYC. After 5 editions of the Festival in New York and Mexico City, featuring many fascinating designers like Vanebon who’s amazing designs have dressed Bjork, Rosalia among others.

After successful event in Mahalla’s Shawarze Halle on Saturday Oct 28th 2023, Cinettica comes back to Berlin to present fashion shows in collaboration with KEYI MAGAZINE and exciting designers like SELVA or MARIA CHANY and more.

Full program of the shows will be updated ASAP, but we make sure you won’t be bored.


Coming from a small, restrictive and conservative place and time, Maria Chany expresses all her inner rebellion in her design. While she as a person is quiet and introverted, only the opposite can be said about her collections to date. Her alter ego shown through fashion design is bold in shapes, dark in colours and protected by many hoods as shields, studs, metal accessories, while the weight of the garments acts as a comforter in situations under pressure. 

As different characters clash in our society, thats how Marias inner worlds clash in her, creating big bangs, colliding and merging into one. Her collections are always a mix of different worlds crashing, resulting in always unique particles – as garments in collections. Immerse yourself in this special UNIverse, where UNITY is the only rule of existance, without boundaries. 

Follow the designer here @chany.maria & website of the designer https://chanymaria.studio


A Berlin-based interdisciplinary artist of Argentinian origin, whose work seamlessly traverses the realms of Art, Fashion, Installation, and Performance, melding them with a unique white-centric approach. Renowned for spearheading the Brutralist Functional Art Movement [BFAM], this artist critically reevaluates the fashion industry and the apocalyptic essence of dystopia, prompting contemplation on our values, existentialism, and the worth of creativity within a post-global, neo-capitalist framework.

In both art and fashion, there is a shared exploration of novel aesthetic criteria, integration of technological advancements, and an embrace of diverse sensibilities—all aimed at pushing the boundaries of visual expression. The artist perceives passion and pain as the driving forces behind creation, considering them the energy impulses inherent in every human being. Through these emotional currents, individuals can experience profound transformations, oscillating between states of greatness and insignificance, joy and sorrow, creation and destruction, all in a matter of seconds.

Follow the designer here: @selva________________


FADE OUT Label is a unisex line of exclusive clothing and accessories made from deconstructed vintage using handicraft methods, where the patina of used material recombined in a fresh and different way creates new unrepeatable alchemies. FADE OUT Label embodies a dump-to-hanger ethos and celebrates responsible recycling of materials and innovative designs.

The two designers, Andrea Bonfini and Nicola Gomiero, do not believe in the timelines of the fashion system but in timeless creativity and in the originality of every single idea and item. They therefore create permanent collections to which new items are added every season. They create comfortable, unisex garments, which due to the use of recycled material become hand-crafted one- offs, repeatable but always different.

Official website http://www.fadeoutlabel.com

Follow the brand @fadeoutlabel


Marlon Ferry epitomizes the essence of a multidisciplinary fashion designer, seamlessly blending technological advancements with artisanal finesse. His fervor for exploring novel techniques, including 3D printing and AI, coupled with his penchant for integrating unconventional materials, yields avant-garde creations that marry streetwear influences with couture elegance. Drawing inspiration from the ethereal realms of virtual reality and the captivating allure of AI, his work embodies the harmonious convergence of the natural and the synthetic. Following an enriching internship at Iris van Herpen’s esteemed atelier in Amsterdam, Marlon embarked on a journey to pursue a master’s degree in Fashion Design at Reutlingen University.

Official Website https://www.marlonferry.com

Follow the brand @marlon__ferry


A team of explorers ventures into a concealed nuclear laboratory beneath the earth, equipped with leather armors, to uncover its mysteries. As they navigate through intricate chambers and face unexpected experiments, their leather armors become crucial for defense and adaptability, bearing marks of their journey. The belts, initially designed for protection, become tools to overcome obstacles, showcasing the team’s resilience and inventiveness. Despite facing adversity, the explorers discover unexpected beauty and emerge from the expedition with a collection that celebrates their triumph over the unseen challenges.

Follow the project @lunar.laboratories

Check the official website https://lunar-laboratories.com


SHORT FASHION FILMS VISUALS by Berlin Fashion Film Festival

Fashion Week Oxi

At the event there will be special space with visuals where you can chill and have some inspirational relaxing moment.

In collaboration with the fashion and film community, BFFF sets the standard for cutting-edge filmmaking and compelling storytelling. From engaging stage talks to captivating film screenings and beyond, we are always prepared to share ideas and revel in the celebration of creativity.

Follow the project @berlinfashionfilmfestival




MARIOS, an independent brand since 2001, prioritizes the fusion of aesthetics and functionality in its contemporary garments, ideal for everyday wear. Its design ethos emphasizes simplicity and rationality, catering to conscious consumers who view clothing as a means of self-expression. The brand’s multiculturalism and experimental approach to design integrate elements from street culture and contemporary art, evident in its collaborations with artists and brands. MARIOS collections defy trends, offering timeless, unisex pieces that draw inspiration from fashion, art, and photography. Ultimately, MARIOS embodies a manifesto of aesthetic expression tailored for modern individuals seeking versatile and ageless style.

Follow the project @marios_collective

Check the official website https://marios.eu


The Magnet project arose amidst the prolonged global pandemic and Europe’s predicament, offering a healing outlet through creativity, enthusiasm, and joy. Annette’s inspiration for the project stems from a dual meaning of the word “Magnet” – reflecting both her name abbreviation and the magnetic clasps used in her jewelry creations. The choice of magnetic clasps symbolizes Annette’s desire to infuse tradition with innovation and enhance the appeal of her pieces. Predominantly crafted from stainless steel due to Annette’s own metal allergy, the materials used in her creations emphasize both durability and wearer comfort. Ultimately, The Magnet project epitomizes a fusion of artistic expression, functionality, and personal ingenuity in the face of adversity.

Follow the project @magnet_milano

“STUDIO183X” is a franchise concept with the mission to create a global platform for independent and emerging designers and artists, and simultaneously empowers female entrepreneurs to run a STUDIO183X concept in their city.

STUDIO183 began as an experimental pop up concept and now represents an array of independent designers and artists with a focus on unique one-off pieces, small quantities and upcycling design. Events complement the concept with interdisciplinary launch events that provide networking opportunities for Berlin based creatives. Why the “X”? Because STUDIO183X serves as a concept store and space with a seemingly endless array of collaborative opportunities.

Follow the project @studio183_berlin



BONDAGE FACTORY stabilized in 2020 in Lima Perú, is a genderless fashion movement founded and directed by Rodrigo Cabrera that seeks to encourage a diverse, free and non-judgmental society through its creations. At the core of BONDAGE FACTORY, textures, silhouettes, and  sustainable materials seek to fuse urban energy with the sensuality of both genders to create unisex looks that transcend versatility.

Follow the project @bondagefactory_

Official website https://bondagefactory.net/

Quadrat Shop

Quadrat is a concept store focused on SUSTAINABLE MODERN FASHION. Designers offer various selections of fair fashion, design, accessories and art.

Follow the project @quadratshop

Official website https://www.quadratshop.com


Fashion Week Oxi

Founded in 2014, Ambra Fiorenza’s Slow Fashion Brand is based in Berlin. To set a trend against the fast-paced fashion industry, Ambra Fiorenza decided to create limited editions, made-to-measure pieces that are free from seasonal constraints.

Using sheer fabrics & bold prints she produces eye-catching wearables with a strong attitude and a recognizable look that is heavily influenced by art.

Her aim is to bring art into everyday life, creating garments that are like artworks, loaded with a unique energy. At Ambra Fiorenza, art and fashion come together to create sustainable, unique, and artistic garments with a focus on craftsmanship.

Follow the project @ambrafiorenza

Official Website https://www.ambrafiorenza.com


At WU.ER STUDIO, our unwavering dedication to sustainability is at the core of their values, and they wholeheartedly embrace the promising future of upcycling.

Every piece in this collection is a manifestation of passion and precision, meticulously crafted to stand as a singular work of art.

Through the thoughtful repurposing of materials, they go beyond mere waste reduction, giving rise to distinctive pieces that narrate a meaningful story.

Follow the project @wu.er_studio


ZL_by_ZLISM by Zoie Lam

Zoie Lam is from Hong Kong, and continues to live and work in the city. As the creator of the imaginary planet Zlism, her painterly vision tells of the residents and happenings of this surreal world.

A storyteller through visual art, she brings her kind-hearted characters to life, unfolding their stories in paintings. Through this creative practice, the artist expresses her position on various social phenomena.

“ZL” are the initials of Zoie Lam, while “LISM” stands for her philosophy and ideas. The subjects of the world of ZLISM are imaginary creatures modelled on various food items, which are from an imaginary ‘Food Planet.’

Follow the project @zl_by_zlism

Exclusive sample sale also online here


One-of-a-kind upcycled designs by TRASHY TREASURE

We’re driven by our quest for a distinctive approach to fashion, blending art, recycling, provocative narratives, and historical anecdotes. Our passion ignites when we delve into the realm of 70s to 90s cinema, embracing the allure of tacky, vibrant fashion. However, our primary wellspring of inspiration stems from found materials, each possessing its own unique story. There’s a thrill in haphazardly scattering these materials on the floor, letting serendipity guide our creative process.

Official website https://trashy-treasure.com

Follow the project @trashyxtreasure


Tata Christiane is a fashion brand founded by Julie Bourgeois and Gabriel Santini, blending absurdity, beauty, and extravagance in street costume. It reinterprets elegance through decline and maladjustment, using recycled materials and hand-made techniques, with a focus on ecological sustainability. Embracing individuality and freedom, Tata Christiane’s collections cater to a diverse range of individuals, crafting unique pieces that combine elements of punk, utopianism, and street culture, all while promoting a slow and ethical approach to fashion.

Follow the project @tatachristiane

Check the official website: www.tatachristiane.com

Ottilia Studios

Handmade jewelry made by two sisters from Cologne .

Follow the project @ottilia.studios

The FforFarah Jewelry

The FforFarah Jewelry Experience is a small fraction of Farah’s art practice – one that redefines aesthetics and ornament through handmade wearable objects that question form, material, wearability and function with a primary focus on it’s relationship to the body.

Farah handmakes all her pieces from scratch, although her studio was demolished in Darb 1718, she is looking for her next studio home in Cairo.

Follow the project @fforfarah

Official website https://www.fforfarah.com


Helena Hauff is a German DJ and record producer based in Hamburg, Germany. She is known for her “stripped-down techno and electro tracks” that are recorded using strictly analog equipment and draws influences from acid house, EBM and industrial music.

Check Helena’s recent BOILER ROOM set:

Happy to confirm the final line-up for the event and FLINTA & QUEER artists involved in it.

Art installation by AUSGANG STUDIO

Berlin/Bratislava based artist duo @alex_zelina & @radovanki creating multimedia dystopic installations.

They will prepare the main floor for music &

follow the project @ausgang.tech



You will also find sparkles of the Marina Zumi world at out event by Marina Zumi is an Argentinian multi-interdisciplinary artist with a beginning in South American Neo-Muralism, painting Intuitive Nature themes in contraposition to the polluted streets.

Follow the project @marinazumi

Check official website https://www.marinazumi.com

Please keep in mind that we have limited capacity and besides buying the ticket you need to pre-register!

There is a special ticket for arrival until 9pm with good price after pre-registration here

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