From Dusk till Dream: a look at Olivia Ballard’s AW24 collection during Berlin Fashion Week.

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Olivia Ballard’s latest runway presentation at the NEWEST Showspace during Berlin Fashion Week left us entranced in a dreamlike state.

The bed, a seemingly mundane and utilitarian object, became a symbol of longing, sensuality, and solitude. Olivia Ballard seemed to prompt us to consider the bed as more than a physical entity. 

Photographer: James Cochrane

The collection’s title “Le Lit,” translating to “The Bed,” immediately invokes notions of rest, intimacy, and personal space.

Here the bed becomes a metaphorical cocoon—a sanctuary where we retreat to both physically and metaphorically settle down. Olivia Ballard invited us to reflect on the multifaceted nature of the human condition, exploring the complexities of our desires, the tactile experiences of sensuality, and the introspective moments of solitude that we seek within the secure confines of our resting places. Accompanied by minimalist live music the audience was gently lulled into the dreamlike atmosphere of the runway.

Photographer: James Cochrane

Duvet-like jackets, sculpted in innovative forms: the ensembles derive inspiration directly from the bed.

Tops feature details reminiscent of mattress padding, while dresses are artfully draped to mimic crumpled bed sheets. The collection melds layered cashmere and silk, erasing the boundary between casual and couture. A sudden shift in the collection marks the beginning of a lucid dream sequence.

Photographer: James Cochrane

Designs underwent a transformation, embracing recycled, reworked, or intricately knotted elements.

Each look exudes a distinct weightiness and grace, conveying a profound sense of freedom and unapologetic sensuality. Noteworthy accessories of the collection include cushions worn as avant-garde additions in front of the body.

Photographer: James Cochrane

Olivia Ballard’s Fall/Winter 2023 Ready-to-wear collection, “At Dusk”depicted the transition from light to dark through comforting garments.

As daylight fades into the night, the Le Lit continues the story where it symbolizes a descent into the recesses of our consciousness, where we not only seek comfort but also surrender to the immersive realm of dreams.

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Photographer: James Cochrane


Author: Kelly van Gemert