Journey into the Nuclear Depths with LUNAR Laboratories’ BLINDFOLDED AW24-25 collection during Berlin Fashion Week.

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LUNAR Laboratories departs from traditional runway displays, by fusing fashion with storytelling, revealing a collection that extends beyond ordinary garments.

Their new BLINDFOLDED AW24-25 Collection is set to captive their audiences with a visual journey that will tell us a transformative narrative.

The collection’s origin story unfolds in a nuclear laboratory hidden beneath the Earth, where a team of explorers, adorned in leather armor, delves into the depths of the unknown.

What begins as a quest to uncover the laboratory’s secrets becomes an expedition filled with unforeseen challenges, forcing the team to push their limits. The collection features a mix of textures, with leather taking center stage, showcasing its versatility as both a protective layer and a canvas for the unexpected marks left by the challenges encountered.

Initially selected for their durability, now evolving into a crucial layer of defense against the unexpected hazards encountered in the hidden laboratory. Each challenge faced leaves a unique mark on their armors, as a tangible testament to their adaptability and resilience. The belts, initially designed for protection, serve as symbols of triumph over obstacles and as tools for navigating the unseen.

LUNAR Laboratories, based in Bucharest, Romania, is a brand with an unwavering commitment to sustainability in the textile industry. Their small laboratory places an immense importance on finding eco-friendly alternatives.

At the heart of LUNAR Laboratories lies a belief that adopting environmentally conscious business practices is not just crucial for the planet but is also a key factor for the sustained success of any business. By creating small batches they minimize  waste compared to the conventional large-scale manufacturing model. Here longevity and a rebellious resistance to disposability are outshining fleeting trends in design.

The brand also adopts a forward-thinking perspective by revisiting and reinventing past collections. This approach to design ensures that their creations remain relevant, timeless, and in harmony with their commitment to sustainable practices. In the eyes of LUNAR Laboratories, genuine change originates from individual actions, and they  encourage everyone to contribute within their means to the collective effort of preserving our planet. 

Witness LUNAR Laboratories’ fashion show during KEYI Magazine’s Berlin Fashion Week event at OXI on February 8!

When: Thursday, February 8 from 6pm
Where: OXI – Wiesenweg 1-4, 10365 Berlin
Follow @lunar.laboratories and visit their website.

Please keep in mind that we have limited capacity, in addition to purchasing the ticket, pre-registration is required.

We offer special discount tickets for those arriving before 9 pm. Secure your spot through pre-registration here.

Author: Kelly van Gemert