SELVA will turn the runway into an immersive, Brutalist art installation during Berlin Fashion Week at club OXI.

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SELVA is the brainchild of Selva Huygens, an Argentinian interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin. 

Huygens, who originally delved into fashion through the creation of costumes for performances and exhibitions within ATM Banks and public spaces across Berlin, has evolved into a rising star in Berlin’s fashion scene. Despite lacking a formal background in fashion design, the designer brings a unique and refreshing perspective influenced by his experience in furniture design and a rich history of artistic expression and exhibitions. 

Huygens characterizes SELVA as Brutalist, emphasising the visibility of construction details and mistakes. Within this philosophy, imperfections are intentionally highlighted rather than concealed.

In recent collections, Selva has been increasingly leaning more towards embodying brutalism in their work. Their latest collection, [603.628]km², breathes new life into discarded materials, diverse fabrics, metal connectors, and car parts, all skillfully repurposed. This involves the use of plastic car parts as armatures, sculpted to ergonomically fit the human figure. These car parts serve both as standalone accessories and as disruptions to the human silhouette when covered in fabric.

Another essential material in Selva’s repertoire is stainless steel hardware, connectors, and hooks. These components serve as crucial elements in assembling the looks, connecting them in adjustable ways to accommodate various body figures and sizes.

The color white serves as the guiding principle in Huygens’ work, irrespective of the medium.

White, symbolising purity and boundless possibilities like an untouched sky, became their avenue to contemporary aesthetics. It’s akin to the curiosity of a newborn baby, free from established standards. The paint of choice, OLD WHITE 0096, coats every fabric and material.

SELVA’s runway shows are perceived as art installations, meticulously planning and developing every aspect of the experience.

Whether it’s the choice of space, often industrial factories or white cubes, or the soundtrack: every detail aligns with the intended aesthetic vision. Industrial machine noises are familiar to Huygens from his daily work as a metal worker sculptor. They now find its way into his soundtracks, which he personally crafts alongside sound designer Cathal Berkeley.

The brand stands as a testament to the power of individual expression, the integration of diverse influences, and the ongoing exploration of new aesthetic frontiers. SELVA is recognized for pioneering the Brutalist Functional Art Movement (BFAM), challenging conventional notions within the fashion industry and contemporary art, exploring themes of dystopia, existentialism, and the value of creativity in a post-global, neo-capitalist world.

Witness SELVA’s fashion show during KEYI Magazine’s Berlin Fashion Week event at OXI on February 8!

When: Thursday, February 8 from 6pm
Where: OXI – Wiesenweg 1-4, 10365 Berlin
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Please keep in mind that we have limited capacity, in addition to purchasing the ticket, pre-registration is required.

We offer special discount tickets for those arriving before 9 pm. Secure your spot through pre-registration here.

Author: Kelly van Gemert