MARIOS celebrates individuality and conscious design for the contemporaries & modernettes.

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Introducing MARIOS, an autonomous brand born in 2001, co-founded by Cypriot designer Mayo Loizou and Leszek Chmielewski.

The designers view fashion as the harmonious intersection of aesthetics and functionality. The brand’s garments are not just pieces of clothing; they are contemporary, often transformable, and multifunctional for everyday use. Simple and rational, the designs are intended for conscious consumers who see clothing as a means of narrating their personalities. Timeless, unisex and ageless collections make the brand thrive. 

Grounded in streetwear origins and deliberately steering clear of fleeting trends, the brand’s offerings are timeless, unisex, and ageless.

By bringing inspiration gathered from the streets to the studio, they show commitment to multiculturalism, experimentation, and a deep understanding of the counterculture. No restrictions, no limitations and no trends; merely an urgent desire to step outside the boundaries of conventional fashion norms.

From the very beginning, MARIOS has forged partnerships with contemporary artists and brands, ensuring that each collection boasts a collaboration with another artist.

Discover MARIOS at the exclusive sample sale market during KEYI Magazine’s Berlin Fashion Week event at OXI on February 8, among many other designers.

When: Thursday, February 8 from 6pm
Where: OXI – Wiesenweg 1-4, 10365 Berlin
Follow @marios_collective and visit their website.

Please keep in mind that we have limited capacity, in addition to purchasing the ticket, pre-registration is required.

We offer special discount tickets for those arriving before 9 pm. Secure your spot through pre-registration here.

Author: Kelly van Gemert