FRAKTION NIMMERSATT – underground calls back – the collective initiative with a passion for music & art / With a photo recap from their last NYE rave in Berlin

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FRAKTION NIMMERSATT is more than just a collective.

For many years they have cared for unique experiences with music and art in unexpected locations. In abandoned places – which are being filled up with life and tremendous energy for many hours. They are leaving a mark on your brain. The best things are shared and out of the computer screen with real people and real emotions.

2017 … when it all started …

What began in 2017 as impromptu open-air gatherings. In a familial ambiance swiftly evolved into expansive underground raves nestled in the gentrified heart of Berlin. Fueled by creative aspirations and youthful audacity, what began as pure hedonism soon assumed a greater purpose; Fraktion Nimmersatt transcended mere revelry.

Performance by: Lulu in the sky with Diamonds @lydialiehm & Mira Xia @mira_xia

As the pandemic emerged, our collective’s political dimension took shape. Through panel discussions and demonstrations. We endeavored to underscore the socio-cultural significance of subcultural movements, collaborating with the Club Commission to articulate these ideals to policymakers. In 2021, our persistence bore fruit as we secured a state-supported venue, Brache 09, where cultural events could unfold amidst pandemic protocols. Here, Fraktion Nimmersatt flourished, evolving from a collective into a cohesive community.

This period of expansion climaxed with the “Tag der Clubkultur” accolade but soon gave way to unexpected challenges as we vacated Brache 09, leaving us fatigued and disheartened. Amidst the landscape of a post-pandemic world fraught with increasing repression against subcultural movements. A familiar urge gripped us in 2023: a revival of the underground was imperative—back to the rave!

Hazumfefer & Sterioa behind the dj booth. Painting by Ninarò and projection by Peer. / Photo by Raize BC (c)

Mobilizing our extensive network, we engaged them in organizational endeavors by culminating in the immersive “Submerged” rave set within the confines of an old waterworks. Inspired by this experience, further FNS actions followed. Far from the surface of our urban cultural landscape and beyond European borders … All the way to the catacombs beneath Paris.


Fraktion Nimmersatt is the sum of many fractals. It is an interlocking of forms of expression and an exchange of expertise. What holds us together in our diversity is the platform: the rave.

A rave is a hybrid of protest and art: we occupy spaces that have been taken from us; we create ourselves stages that are not offered to us; we empower us to participate in a socio-cultural discourse, in which we otherwise remain unheard.

It is a political gesture of disobedience in which our creativity unfolds. 

Juliane Jeske @_7art.core
Mural by Ronan Furax

Radical expressions as an answer to the radical restrictions against our abandoned scene: Fraktion Nimmersatt is telling the story of an underground movement 

-Shouted out loud, as a creative Antithesis!

On New Year’s Eve, a special celebration unfolded, dedicated to honoring their fervor for music and art.

Abandoned warehouse halls were transformed into pulsating raves, evoking the pure vibes of the 90s. With two floors to explore, one resonated with old-school trance vibes while the other pulsated with electro/techno beats.

Text by Lydia Liehm

Pictures by ROBERT CRAHMER ( )

& credited under the pictures when did by Raize BC , .raw

More about the FN project @fraktion.nimmersatt