FRAGILE: HANDLE WITH CARE – art & fashion editorial by Pablo Sermar & team hailing from Berlin

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The protagonist, a twenty-something boy, grapples with the weight of expectations he’s placed upon himself. Looking fabulous while the storm is at its highest peak. A desperate pursuit of desire and an egoistic fight for one’s lather climb. smiling through the pain while teetering on the edge of madness.

Merging traditional elements such as traditional Scottish wear and fur coats with cutting-edge jewelry and accessories allows me to create a challenging image that I portray on a day-to-day basis.

The use of hard realistic makeup and the element of the chain helps me broadcast the struggle of the queer youth that faces the challenge of being persecuted for expressing realistic apparel of themselves on daily activities such as going to work, taking public transport, or engaging in any social activity, thus, what might appear to be a very banal activity it can unwrap to be a defiance.

As he navigates the turbulent waters of boyhood and the transition into adulthood, he finds himself caught in a relentless battle of self-discovery and acceptance. Each smile is a facade masking the turmoil within, a facade that crumbles under the weight of his own expectations.

Bag: Playboy @playboy

Denim pants: Vastudioss @vastudioss

In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, he strives to maintain his sense of self, embracing his desires while grappling with the selfish pursuit of personal fulfillment. It’s a desperate dance between ambition and vulnerability, a relentless climb up the ladder of success while the storm rages on.

Through the lens of the cloudy Berlin, I capture the essence of this struggle – the fragility of emotions, the complexities of the mind, and the fierce determination to thrive amidst the chaos.

bag: Prada @prada

boots: Balenicaga @balenciaga

hat: Ayesha Mulvihill @ayeshamulvihill

Jacket: Pablo Sermar @pablosermar

Archive long train skirt: NAMILIA @_namilia_

Cap: TANIA – MARCIAL @tania_marcial

Pants: NAMILIA @_namilia_

Coat: Pablo Sermar @pablosermar


PHOTO & ART DIRECTION: Pablo Sermar @pablosermar

MODEL: Merlin D’hondt @m3rl1n__

STYLING: Pablo Sermar @pablosermar

PRODUCTION AND STYLIN ASSISTANT: Karina Trotsan @arpilkarinaa

MUA: Henriette Aue @fr.aue

DIGITAL RTETOUCHER: Pablo Sermar @pablosermar

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