Thisbe Recordings unveils a follow-up remix project stemming from his EP, “Electronica Melancholia”. + Track Premiere

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One year following the release of the acclaimed “So Sprach Psychedelia” Remixes EP, skillfully reimagined by Rodion, Skelesys, and Rambal Cochet, Pyrame of Thisbe Recordings unveils a follow-up remix project stemming from his EP, “Electronica Melancholia”.

Taking the reins to remix the titular track “Electronica Melancholia” are two familiar faces of Thisbe: Volta Cab (known for “Alphabet of Humanity” (THISBE009) and “Oseary Drakoulias” and Philip Lawns (“Ten Years of Travel”. Joining them is A-Tweed, a recent addition to the label, half of Oblako Maranta, his collaborative project with Radial Gaze, and the mind behind “Trance Beckenbauer”.


The Electronica Melancholia Remixes EP launches straight into A-Tweed’s enchanting realm of production, characterized by his signature acid weird disco sound that ignites a unique groove both on and off the dancefloor. Transforming the original track into a progressive masterpiece, the Rome-based artist once again solidifies his status within the label’s esteemed catalog. With firm kicks and even firmer percussions, A-Tweed retains the original’s softness amidst a captivating bassline, showcasing finesse throughout.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the original track “Electronica Melancholia” and what prompted you to create a remix EP for it?

“Electronica Melancholia” is a track I composed three years ago, inspired by the most joyful event I’ve experienced. The track carries a melancholic touch because, at that time, I felt that life after the birth of our son would never be the same as it was before. It was a busy yet exciting period, going through the whole process of my partner’s pregnancy, preparing for the future together, etc. Fortunately, inspiration was abundant during that time, and my entire EP “Electronica Melancholia” was written then. The Remixes EP, however, came about as a pure coincidence. Philip Lawns, whom I’ve been close to since his release of “Ten Years of Travel” (THISBE004) via Thisbe in June 2022, expressed interest in remixing the track. Funny enough, Philip became a father a couple of months before me, so perhaps he felt a father’s love listening to the track… who knows? Since I was already working on the Remixes EP of “So Sprach Psychedelia” from the same EP, I thought, “Cool, let’s do it again” with this single, “Electronica Melancholia.” I then approached A-Tweed and Volta Cab to complete the Remixes EP.

Each remixer seems to bring a unique touch to the track. How did you choose these specific artists for the remix EP, and what do you think they brought to the table?

The creation of this Remixes EP went through the initial phase of having Philip Lawns reworking the track into an indie house mix. Knowing Philip’s work well, and having been really pleased with his remix of “Someone Else’s City” for my alternative rock project Great White Shark, I became curious and excited about what he would come up with. The result: Philip Lawns once again brought his signature remix to the table, where ambient sounds and atmospheres he recreates from his long walks in the nature of Emilia Romagna, merged with house-y percussions, and where the overlaid phone rings over the original melancholic arpeggios provide an irresistible tune to dive into his world.

The second artist I approached for a remix of “Electronica Melancholia” was A-Tweed. Perhaps I was just testing the waters with the Rome-based producer at that time because we didn’t know each other that well back then. Coincidentally again, we started working on the Oblako Maranta EP “Trance Beckenbauer” (Oblako Maranta being the collab between Radial Gaze and A-Tweed) around the same time, and I became really curious about what A-Tweed would come up with. A-Tweed indeed did not disappoint and produced a fantastic remix, true to his acid weird productions, and with a cherry on the cake: an acid dub version of 11 minutes and 43 seconds, cruising at 79bpm, for a complete immersion into the track. Really cool, I found.

Finally, Volta Cab is someone I almost blindly trust when it comes to remixes – and of course, for his own productions – as he produced some awesome tunes for his EP on vinyl “Alphabet of Humanity” (THISBE011). And the Krasnodar-based producer struck again with a relentless post-punk version of “Electronica Melancholia.”

How does the label approach nurturing long-term relationships with artists, and what role do these relationships play in shaping the label’s identity? What is coming up for Pyrame and Thisbe?

My vision for Thisbe is first and foremost to build a trusting relationship with the artists. It’s about credibility and trust from both sides, really. For instance, I tend to know the artist well before producing an EP via Thisbe. Radial Gaze, Semodi, Andrew Claristidge, to name a few, are artists I have known for years, for example. They, along with some other key producers, are the individuals I am keen to work with. From here, the label’s identity grows over the years as a group of like-minded artists looking to produce the best and most original music possible. Regarding what’s coming up, 2024 has already started on the starting blocks, with the release of “Return to Alpha” by Dominik Marz. From now on, I have planned another seven releases this year, with a collab with Radial Gaze coming up in May, the second VA of the label in June, and another four releases in the second half of the year. A noticeable trend that I, under my alias Pyrame, developed over the last few months, is to start collaborating with the artists of the label when it comes to production. A good example is an upcoming single by Andrey Sirotkin where I do a lyrics/vocals featuring, and my collab with Radial Gaze coming up in May, as just mentioned. For the rest of the year, I’ll leave it as a surprise.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for Thisbe Recordings and for your own artistic endeavors? Are there any particular directions or goals you’re aiming to pursue shortly?

My aspirations for Thisbe Recordings are to continue building on the strong base of artists already part of the label and to introduce new artists. A good example is the second compilation coming up in June this year, with already established artists such as Radial Gaze, Balam, Dominik Marz, and Volta Cab. At the same time, I am looking to welcome new artists, for instance, Agle and World Wide Web, who also appear on the VA. Looking at 2024 only, the release schedule is full, with a few new producers releasing music in the second half of the year. Just to name a couple of them, expect Andrey Sirotkin and Nicolas Kubebe to make their debut on Thisbe. Exciting times, really, as they are both talented producers and original individuals. From an artistic angle, the label is crossing the main genres of house, techno, and electro, where the music finds its own space in sub-genres such as slow techno, leftfield techno, post-punk, acid-infused electro. I aspire to keep it this way and avoid mainstream that does not generate any particular emotion, really. Finally, one of my main projects this year is to work on a movie soundtrack. Indeed, I am producing a film written and directed by Christian Krueger where I am looking to include tracks from the label’s catalog. This is an exciting time, as marrying pictures with music is an area I am fascinated by. We’ll be happy to invite you to the Premiere in a cinema in Berlin when the movie is ready.


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