Dark and futuristic, album of Maedon “Now I have Become Death” is another worthy addition to the Sonic Groove catalogue.

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Maniacal Laughter quickly gives way to a non-stop onslaught of irresistible electronics and a ceaseless, pounding groove. Boom! You are embedded in Maedon’s world. Dark and futuristic, her album “Now I have Become Death” is another worthy addition to the Sonic Groove catalogue. This is music that works the body and captures the mind. It’s her 3rd release for the imprint, following up 2020’s “Escape to Berlin” and 2019’s “Against His Will” EP.

Maedon crafts some very melodic jams, with refreshing song structure and storytelling trips achieved through excellent sample work and programming prowress. Make no mistake, this is fghting music. It’s blazing hard, with grueling energy, and a fair for the dramatic. Maedon likes relevant content, as tracks like “Rave-Act Never Forget” expose pathetic pledges from poser politicians who have dared to protest against the dance music scene in their past. You have been exposed Biden. The madness continues with the menacing “Destroyer of Worlds”, a massive rave jam with otherworldly synths based around the words of a certain man’s famously guilty post-atomic quote from the Hindu scripture known as the Bhagavad Gita. It’s a reminder of your sins, Oppenheimer.

The selection continues to concoct clever experiments with pressure and feels at times like riding a roller coaster thru outer space “Destroy the Status Quo” with subtly pitch-shifting metallic highs and ravey tone-work captivates the mind as gravity drops jerk the body into uncontrollable motion. “Rudersdorf Trip” is a sick adventure into the darkness, with whispered vocals ‘this is what you want this what you need’ leading the charge of hypnotic, spiraling acid. “Childhood dreams” is an excellent ending to the LP, an innovative melodic charmer with nostalgic future vibes pumped up by a broken techno beat.

In truth, all the tracks stand out; a solid efort from start to fnish. It serves as a lesson in production for her peers. She enjoys the process, creating a chance for all to dance away their pain. For Maedon, our ears are like trophies to collect. no one is safe.

Maniacal Laughter 很快让位于不可抗拒的电子设备的不间断冲击和无休止的冲击凹槽。繁荣!您已融入 Maedon 的世界。黑暗和未来主义,她的专辑“Now I have become Death”是 Sonic Groove 目录中另一个有价值的补充。这是一种可以锻炼身体并俘获心灵的音乐。这是她继 2020 年的“Escape to Berlin”和 2019 年的“Against His Will”EP 之后的第三次发行。

Maedon 制作了一些非常旋律化的果酱,通过出色的样本工作和编程能力实现了令人耳目一新的歌曲结构和讲故事的旅程。毫无疑问,这是战斗音乐。它非常艰苦,精力充沛,是戏剧性的公平。 Maedon 喜欢相关的内容,因为像“Rave-Act Never Forget”这样的曲目暴露了过去敢于抗议舞曲界的装腔作势的政客的可悲承诺。你已经暴露了拜登。疯狂继续伴随着威胁性的“世界毁灭者”,这是一场大规模的狂欢,以超凡脱俗的合成器为基础,根据印度教圣经《博伽梵歌》中某个人着名的有罪的后原子引述的话。这是提醒你的罪,奥本海默。

选择继续用压力炮制巧妙的实验,有时感觉就像乘坐过山车穿越外太空“破坏现状”具有微妙的音高变化金属高音和狂野的音调在重力下降使身体进入无法控制的情况下迷住了心灵运动。 “Rudersdorf Trip”是一场进入黑暗的病态冒险,低声的人声“这就是你想要的,这就是你需要的”,引领着催眠,螺旋式酸的充电。 “童年的梦想”是 LP 的完美结局,创新的旋律魅力,由破碎的 techno 节拍激发了怀旧的未来氛围。

事实上,所有曲目都很突出。从头到尾的扎实努力。它为她的同龄人提供了生产课程。她喜欢这个过程,为所有人创造了一个跳舞摆脱痛苦的机会。对于 Maedon 来说,我们的耳朵就像收集的战利品。没有人是安全的。

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