Boudica Presents Wallis’ “Protect Me From My Friends” for Their First Record of 2024 + Track Premiere

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Boudica is proud to present their first record of 2024, featuring an artist who holds a special place within the platform — none other than DJ and producer Wallis.
The EP’s opening track, “Hell is a Girl from Before (Rainy Summer Mix),” blends emotional melodies with synths and a plucked instrument, transitioning into energetic drum-driven segments. Almost imperceptible vocals add intimacy, maintaining a steady pace that evokes a rainy summer day. This creates a melancholic yet hopeful mood, taking listeners on a journey of introspection.


Protect Me From My Friends” transports listeners to a new dimension with robotic sounds and raw emotions driven by a relentless bassline. Clear vocals guide the journey, interrupted by the dominant bassline.
Sleeping Pills Are Gone” begins with a gloomy introduction, interrupted by an evolving acid bassline. The track features haunting vocal repetition and strategic breaks, creating a powerful crescendo and a hypnotic trance with a solid four-to-the-floor rhythm.
The EP closes with “Teenage Apocalypse,” featuring a clunky melody and characteristic vocals. The track transitions into a powerful breakbeat, driven by drums and an impeccable bassline, evoking an intense day of judgment and leaving a lasting impact.
This EP  is a testament to Wallis’s growth as a producer and her fantastic storytelling ability through sound

In the artist’s words: “Sometimes life takes a weird turn. Angry, confused and dealing with moral: this EP targets the pain and absurdity of attachment and strongly themes Gregg Araki’s teenage apocalypse trilogy. The artwork poem plastered on the wall was written by wallis.” 

Protect Me From My Friends

  • Format: Vinyl 12” / Digital
  • Label: Boudica 
  • Cat. No: BOU004 
  • Release Date: 20/06/2024
  • Artist: Wallis
  • EP: Protect Me From My Friends
  1. A1 / hell is a girl from before (rainy summer mix) 
  2. A2 / protect me from my friends 
  3. B1 /  sleeping pills are gone 7:11
  4. B2 /  teenage apocalypse 5:42
Founded by DJ and producer Samantha Togni, Boudica is a platform promoting visibility for women, trans*, and non-binary artists.
Since its 2019 launch, Boudica has expanded into club events in London, a radio show, a music conference, and a record label. The platform’s mission is to promote gender equality in the music industry by showcasing diverse role models to inspire new artists. In 2022, Boudica launched a label supported by Arts Council England, featuring artists like Yazzus and Jasmine Infiniti, with releases praised by major publications such as RA and Mixmag.



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