MEET:Tigerhead interview by Izabella Chrobok & Grzegorz Bacinski and photos by KEYI STUDIO

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interview Tigerhead interview by Izabella Chrobok & Grzegorz Bacinski and photos editorial; by KEYI STUDIO
interview Tigerhead interview by Izabella Chrobok & Grzegorz Bacinski and photos editorial; by KEYI STUDIO
interview Tigerhead interview by Izabella Chrobok & Grzegorz Bacinski and photos editorial; by KEYI STUDIO
interview Tigerhead interview by Izabella Chrobok & Grzegorz Bacinski and photos editorial; by KEYI STUDIO
interview Tigerhead interview by Izabella Chrobok & Grzegorz Bacinski and photos editorial; by KEYI STUDIO
interview Tigerhead interview by Izabella Chrobok & Grzegorz Bacinski and photos editorial; by KEYI STUDIO
interview Tigerhead interview by Izabella Chrobok & Grzegorz Bacinski and photos editorial; by KEYI STUDIO

Happy to meet & introduce you Tigerhead, the Czech born & Berlin based DJ who  is spinning fantastic electro & techno records in best clubs & radio stations. She’s also a part of the Killekill label. Her raw, surprising and full of diversity sets in Berghain, Griessmuehle and ://about blank have attracted attention all over Europe, with stand- out gigs in Fold, London, Paris, Rennes, Nantes her native Czech etc. She has also made her debut on Boiler Room in 2017 as a part of a Krake Festival and Reclaim Your City.Tigerhead is also a promising composer, strongly committed to developing her own sound and her own production style.

Her song ’Epilog’was released and shined on a Killekill compilation. More 2021 releases are coming and she now finishing off her debut EP.

很高兴认识并介绍Tigerhead,这位出生在捷克和柏林的DJ,她在最好的俱乐部和电台播放着精彩的电音和电子音乐,她是Killekill厂牌的一员。她在Berghain、Griessmuehle和://about blank的演出吸引了全欧洲的关注,在Fold、伦敦、巴黎、雷恩、南特等她的家乡捷克等地都有突出的演出。她还在2017年作为Krake音乐节的一部分在Boiler Room上首次亮相.Tigerhead也是一个有前途的作曲家,强烈地致力于发展自己的声音和自己的制作风格。她的歌曲’’Epilog’’已经发布,并在Killekill的合辑中大放异彩。更多的2021年的作品即将发布,她现在正在完成她的首张EP。

What are your predominant memories of your first music experiences? How long have you been doing and how it was discovered? What is the story behind your rise as a musician? You come originally from Czech Republic, when & why did you decide to move to Berlin?

My parents were visual artists and raised me to follow in their footsteps, but I was always fiercely drawn to music. Even my mother has forbidden me to play a musical instrument to quell my rebellion, but at 13 I finally bought my first guitar and learnt how to play it, followed quickly by learning how to sing and play the piano. As I was a self taught,  it took me naturally a long time to achieve the level where I wanted to be. I can say I still learn and forever will be. At the time there was still no YouTube, so I had to take the old school way to learn notes and use my ears mostly. This gave me a lot  of experience for the future in the electronic music production. Back then I was also singing and playing in a band, strongly influenced by PJ Harvey. It was short before I finally discovered my passion for electronic music thanks to 

Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin and many more. I also started to collect records, which became my huge passion. It took some time before I finally moved to Berlin – I still needed to finish my education on a University in Czech Republic, where I studied Fine Arts. Finally I moved  to the mecca of electronic music for me, a big world, because where I come from, there was no scene. This was just a last step before I became ‘’Tigerhead’’.


我的父母都是视觉艺术家,他们把我养大,让我追随他们的脚步,但我总是被音乐深深吸引。母亲为了平息我的逆反心理,甚至禁止我弹奏乐器,但在13岁时,我终于买了第一把吉他,并学会了如何弹奏,随后又很快学会了唱歌和弹钢琴。由于我是自学成才,自然花了很长时间才达到我想要的水平。我可以说我还在学,而且永远都在学。当时还没有youtube的实际,所以我只能采取老派的方式来学习音符,主要是用耳朵。这给了我很多未来的电子音乐制作。 那时候我还在一个乐队里唱歌和演奏,深受PJ Harvey的影响。很短的时间,我终于发现了我对电子音乐的热情,这要感谢Kraftwerk,Aphex Twin和其他许多人。我也开始收集唱片,这成了我的巨大热情。在捷克的一所大学里,我花了一些时间学习美术,最后我搬到了柏林。对我来说,这是一个电子音乐的圣地,一个大的世界,因为在我的家乡,没有任何场景。这只是我成为’’虎头’’之前的最后一步。

Before you came to Berlin you were playing and singing in bands before as a teenager. Which instrument was your thing and what kind of music? How this experience brought you to the current path?

I was a frontman and an occasional guitarist. It was a form of expression for my riot approach and celebration of the freedom. At least that was my interpretation of that. Musically I’d call it electro punk. Inspired by artists like Peaches, Le Tigre or DAF which is also a big part of my musical background. This experience taught me mostly to perform in front of an audience which wasn’t an easy part for me. It taught me also to live a life on a road as we were also touring around my country. We were a group of people, which didn’t resonate the feeling of an isolation.


我是一个主唱和一个偶尔的吉他手。那是一种暴动和庆祝自由的形式。至少这是我对它的解释。在音乐上,我把它叫做电子朋克。受Peaches、Le Tigre或DAF等艺术家的启发,这也是我音乐文化的一个重要部分。这段经历让我学会了如何在观众面前表演,这对我来说并不容易。它还教会了我如何在路上生活,因为我们也在我的国家巡回演出。唯一不同的是,我们是一群人,没有那种孤立的感觉。

It’s always necessary as a DJ to have a good ear for selection and distinctive creative vision how to put it into the story that the mix gives the special experience to its listeners. What  inspires you the most in your creations ? Who is your biggest inspiration from the scene you are into and why?

It’s as important for me is to keep track of fresh new music as dig deeper into the past. I don’t usually prepare the sets, for me it’s all about instinct, turn my head off and explore where it all brings me. Do not think, just let the music lead me itself. To become a one part with the audience. To play with theirs and my emotions. This is how I create mixes. Many from the scene inspire me, the list is endless. I ‘’grew up’’ on the detroit veterans such as Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Robert Hood etc. I was privileged to be introduced how to mix with vinyls when I still was on the university. And this was the moment when I exactly knew what I want to do. I started and I never stopped since then.


对我来说,保持对新鲜音乐的追踪和深入挖掘过去的音乐同样重要。我通常不会准备布景,对我来说,这就是本能,把头转过去,探索这一切带给我的地方。不要去想,只是让音乐引领我自己。与观众融为一体。与他们和我的情绪一起玩耍,这就是我创造混音的方式。这就是我创造混音的方式。许多从现场启发我,名单是无止境的。 我’’长大了’’在底特律的老手,如杰夫-米尔斯,胡安-阿特金斯,罗伯特-胡德等。当我还在大学里的时候,我有幸被介绍如何与乙烯树脂混合。这时我才清楚地知道我想做什么。我开始了,从那时起我就没有停止过。

Acid electro dominates a lot in your mixes. If you would mention a few of your all time favourite records, which ones would you share with us ?

My all the time favourite Acid records are Public Energy – Three ‘O’ Three, Emmanuel Top – Acid Phase, Phuture – Acid Tracks, Mike Dearborn – Moments, practically anything from Djax-Up-Beats or Trax records.


我一直以来最喜欢的Acid唱片是Public Energy – Three ‘O’ Three, Emmanuel Top – Acid Phase, Phuture – Acid Tracks, Mike Dearborn – Moments, 几乎所有Djax-Up-Beats或Trax的唱片。

Back then in 2017 you performed at Boiler Room, recently you participated in a few key stream platforms like UNITED WE STREAM or HOER. What did you learn from those events ? What is your preparation process before the show ? What would you advise for beginner dj before their first video recorded show?

To perform in front of a camera with no audience is a whole new experience and I’ve learned a lot from that. The important thing is always stay true to myself and do it for the only reason, the love for the music. I mix the same as I would mix at home or for thousand people. The preparation process is the same as I would have before gigs and that is to clear my head and go with the flow. The advice for beginners is not to overthink, not to have any expectations and enjoy every second of it. It might be a pressure, but my key is not to think and believe in yourself. If it goes wrong nothing happened, life is still the same.

当年2017年你在锅炉房演出,最近你参加了一些重要的流媒体平台,比如UNITED WE STREAM或者HOER。你从这些活动中学到了什么 ? 你在演出前的准备过程是怎样的 ? 对于初学者dj在第一次录节目之前,你有什么建议?

在没有观众的情况下,在镜头前表演是一种全新的体验,我从中学到了很多东西。最重要的是永远忠于自己,为着唯一的理由–对音乐的热爱去做。我的混音就像我在家里或为上千人混音一样。我的准备过程和我在演出前的准备过程是一样的,那就是理清思路,顺其自然。给初学者的建议是不要想太多,不要有任何期望,享受每一秒。 这可能是一种压力,但我的关键是不要去想,要相信自己。如果出了问题什么都没发生,生活还是一样。

The Boiler Room Set itself transforms as an eclectic set within danceable wild circus in the back provokes every person to get wild on the dance floor. We personally love the vibe which you built up there. We knew it was a while ago, how do you see your musical progress since then?

It was the year 2017 and since then I’ve developed enormously. Every experience moved me forward. I’d say since then my music became more raw and daring and also I’ve learnt so much about making music and production.



We are aware that everything

is paused at the moment, anyway what is your next step in a DJ career ? What questions are you asking yourself due to the current situation ?

It’s an extraordinary situation for everyone. The next step in a DJ career is in stars, but I took this as a privilege of time and turned my focus on music production. I’m finding every opportunity to hone my skills, write music and work as hard as I did before, only without gigging. I do not ask myself any questions to this matter. I take every day as it comes. Everything happens for a reason and the only thing I can is to remain to think positive & realistic.

我们知道现在一切都暂停了,无论如何,你在DJ事业上的下一步是什么?由于目前的情况,你在问自己什么问题 ?


Getting back to the label which you work with the “KILLEKILL”. Could you tell us the story behind you entering their community?

KILLEKILL was one of the most important milestones of my career as I entered a whole new world full of shared passion for music, learned countless lessons from musical veterans and enjoyed many unforgettable events. Part of it was also KRAKE Festival, which is a whole new experience, not only focused on music, but art itself. It gave me everything I needed to know about the electronic music world, community, about it’s rules and freedom.

回到与你合作的厂牌 “KILLEKILL”,你能告诉我们你进入他们社区背后的故事吗?你能告诉我们你进入他们社区背后的故事吗


It’s the beginning of the year, if you could sum up the previous one and speak up about your favourite productions which you discovered and you got inspired the most. What it would be and why?

The sum up of last year was about rise and fall, but it taught me to keep my head up, never give up and never take anything as guaranteed. I went to dig to record shops a lot, found also many new treasures. I got very inspired by Deep Space Transit from Benjamin Damage, Robert Hood’s Mirror Man album, releases of Spandau 20, Blawan, Steve Bicknell, Luke Slater and many more. I mostly focused on my own productions which are gonna be released on spring 2021.


总结去年的工作,就是起起落落,但它让我学会了抬头挺胸,永不放弃,永不把任何事情当做保证。我经常去唱片店挖掘,也发现了很多新的宝贝。我从BenjaminDamage的DeepSpace Transit、RobertHood的MirrorMan专辑、Spandau20、Blawan、Steve Bicknell、LukeSlater等人的作品中得到了很多启发。我主要专注于我自己的作品,这些作品将在2021年春天发布。

In times when clubs were open on it’s full capacity you had a pleasure to have a gig on infamous Berghain’s Klubnacht, how do you remember it ? Did your experience meet your expectations ?

I was so thrilled and couldn’t wait for the moment. It was an absolute honour for me to play there, a place where time and space have different rules. I do not recall anything from my set as I was in a real trance, part of everything, the environment. It was a truly magical moment. When I moved to Berlin obviously I was so attracted by Berghain, but I wasn’t often there. While being there I kept dreaming of me once performing there. The dream felt untouchable, but suddenly things went fast and I appeared on the lineup.


我非常激动,迫不及待地想知道这一刻。对我来说,能在那里演出是绝对的荣誉,一个时间和空间都有不同规则的地方。我不记得我的表演中的任何事情,因为我真的很恍惚,是一切的一部分,是环境的一部分。那是一个真正神奇的时刻。 当我搬到柏林的时候,很明显我被Berghain吸引了,但我并不经常去那里。在那里的时候,我一直梦见自己曾经在那里演出。梦中感觉无法触及,但突然间事情变得很快,我出现在了演出阵容中。

If you could choose any club in the world to play now, which it would be & why?

It is again, Berghain. I so do wish it to reopen. However every club where I’ve performed has a special energy and I value them equally.


又是Berghain,我真希望它能重开。我很希望它能重新开业。 然而我演出过的每一家俱乐部都有一种特殊的能量,我同样重视它们。

Have you ever toured in Asia or would you like to do it someday? Which destinations would you choose to share your music with & why?

I never toured in Asia, but I am so attracted by it. I love traveling and exploring new cultures. I’m particularly very interested by the Chinese mythological culture, stories and traditions. I find it enchanting and fascinating. Also I would love to visit and get lost in enormous cities like Shanghai, Beijing or Hong Kong and would love to explore the asian rave lifestyle.



Let’s wake our fantasy a bit. If you could open only one place on the planet, where anybody could enter without any risk and have fun safely, which venue would it be and why?

If it’s only a matter of a fantasy, I would open my own club and let it open without a stop as long as the club culture was closed, forbidden and forgotten during the COVID pandemic. Everyone’s welcome.



Artist : Tigerhead

Interview 作者:Izabella Chrobok & Grzegorz Bacinski

Translation 翻译: Emi