MISASSEMBLED & Alexandra Johansson by KEYI STUDIO. Make up by Karina Evdokimova. Styling by Izabella Chrobok & Grzegorz Bacinski.

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Minima is a study in specific details, shapes, and aspects present in the complexity of the Fractal collection’s larger sculptures. With Minima, we turn inward, reflecting on the simplicity and clarity hiding in plain sight within all of us. These pure, clean forms are materialised in both Sterling Silver and Industrial Steel, representing both elegance and strength.

Minima 是对 Fractal 系列大型雕塑的复杂性中存在的特定细节、形状和方面的研究。借助 Minima,我们向内转,反思隐藏在我们所有人眼中的简单和清晰。这些纯净、干净的形式在纯银和工业钢中体现出来,代表着优雅和力量。

Scale and symmetry are two elements that I played with in my last collection, Fractal.  While Fractal stayed within a larger size range, I wanted to experience the same designs as rings and necklaces which could be worn every day. 

With this in mind, I took the shapes from Fractal and scaled them way down to see what happens when the designs are realized on a smaller scale.  

比例和对称性是我在上一个系列 Fractal 中使用的两个元素。虽然 Fractal 保持在更大的尺寸范围内,但我想体验与可以每天佩戴的戒指和项链相同的设计。考虑到这一点,我从 Fractal 中提取形状并将它们按比例缩小,看看当设计以较小的比例实现时会发生什么。

Some pieces remained exactly the same as their  Fractal counterparts – just smaller and more wearable – like the Particle Pendant and the Manifold Earrings. With other designs, I pulled apart and isolated specific figures, focusing on the subtle beauty inherent in their basic forms. These range from tiny designs like the Micro Earrings — a minimalist pyramid stud earring — to bolder pieces like the Quad Unit Ring, which is derived from  Fractal’s Large Pyramid Collar.  

有些产品与 Fractal 的同类产品完全相同——只是更小、更耐磨——比如 Particle 吊坠和 Manifold 耳环。在其他设计中,我将特定的人物分开并分离出来,专注于其基本形式所固有的微妙美感。这些范围从微型耳环(一种极简的金字塔耳钉)等微小设计,到源自 Fractal 的大金字塔领的 Quad Unit Ring 等更大胆的作品。


Continuing to focus on geometric forms, I see  Minima as a more subtle and focused way to experience the complexity of  Fractal.

继续关注几何形式,我认为 Minima 是一种更微妙、更专注的方式来体验 Fractal 的复杂性。


Alexandra is a multifaceted talent who works with still and motion pictures as a model and actress – mainly located in Berlin & Stockholm, but also occasionally in LA & Jakarta, to mention a few.

Since arriving in Berlin, she has always preferred to work with local talents and designers, and can now be seen wearing fashion worldwide. She’s represented by a few agencies and has participated in several commercial shoots such as BVG & Vinted, been seen on the poster for Berlinale, and shot with the legend Sven Marquardt for local brand Berliner Brandstifter. Besides working with the heart of Berlin, she now focuses more on motion pictures and developing her Make-Up Portfolio.

亚历山德拉是一位多才多艺的人才,他以模特和女演员的身份从事静态和电影工作 – 主要位于柏林和斯德哥尔摩,但偶尔也会在洛杉矶和雅加达,仅举几例。

自从来到柏林,她一直更喜欢与当地的人才和设计师合作,现在可以在世界各地看到她的穿着时尚。她由几家机构代理,并参与了 BVG & Vinted 等多部商业拍摄,出现在柏林电影节的海报上,并与传奇人物 Sven Marquardt 为当地品牌 Berliner Brandstifter 拍摄。除了与柏林市中心合作外,她现在更专注于电影和开发她的彩妆组合。


Photography & Art direction @keyistudio / @eyes_dice & @berlin_bunny_ www.keyi.eu

Model @aatypi

Fashion @mis.assembled

Makeup & Hair @karischa.mua

Designer @swain_art

Styling @keyistudio