Berlin Galerie Sara Lily Perez presents: SEBASTIAN MERK | YULIA ANICONVERGENCE: The Dance of the Contrast & Harmony – 06.04-30.04.2024

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Galerie Sara Lily Perez presents Convergence: Der Tanz von Kontrast und Harmonie

Waterfall Paradise: Sebastian Merk (c)

About the exhibition

Galerie Sara Lily Perez is honored to present “CONVERGENCE: DER TANZ VON KONTRAST UND
HARMONIE”, a distinguished duo exhibition that harmoniously blends the artistic voices of Sebastian Merk
and Yulia Ani. This showcase is a curated exploration into the dynamics of contrast and harmony,
thoughtfully arranged to prompt a dialogue between the viewer and the artists’ distinct perceptions of reality.
Together, emboding a meeting point of emotional depth and introspective exploration, the vivid landscapes
created by Merk encounter Ani’s inquiries into the soul and the cosmos.

This gathering of artistic expressions not only highlights the individual strengths of the artists but also
showcases the incredible narrative potential when contrasting elements are woven together. It is a quest
that encourages self-discovery and contemplation, illustrating the impactful narrative that emerges from the
unity of diverse artistic expressions. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in this unique showcase, a
testament to the beauty and complexity of contrast and harmony, making it an essential experience for
collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

About the artists

Sebastian Merk, born in 1996 in Bad Homburg, is a contemporary artist currently based in Göttingen. His
artistic journey began during his studies in geoscience, where he successfully completed both his
Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Merk’s work serves as a captivating escape from the mundane aspects of
everyday life, offering viewers a chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of his creations. During his
artistic career he exhibited with the Turner Art Perspective Gallery in Essex and participated in various
group shows and art fairs in the UK and Germany. For him, the process of creating art mirrors the escapism
he aims to provide – each stroke and texture becomes a pathway to transport both the artist and the viewer
to a realm beyond the ordinary.

Yulia Ani – The Moment When (c)

Yulia Ani, born in the remote expanse of Kamchatka, Russia, has lived a life enriched by diverse cultures,
having spent significant periods in the US and France, and is currently located in Berlin, Germany. With an
academic background that includes a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising from the Moscow University of
Humanity and an art degree from Yulia AniSKBG Collage in Berlin, Yulia has carved a niche for herself in
the art world. In her artistic practice, Yulia delves into the realms of identity, belonging, and the complexities
of human emotions. As an immigrant, a woman, a mother, she embodies these facets into her work,
exploring the dualities of inner and outer structures and the states of mental health. Yulia’s painting process
is both intuitive and intentional. Her works are more than a visual feast, they serve as a mirror, reflecting the
viewer’s own experiences and emotions, thereby fostering a deeper understanding of the self and the

Vernissage April 6th – 16:00-20:00h | Musik & Cocktails | Free Entrance