Galerie Sara Lily Perez presents Grace and Valor: The Dual Essence of Femininity 9.Mar-3.Apr.2024.

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“Grace and Valor” draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of female archetypes, from the nurturing warmth of the mother to the fierce warrior spirit of the goddess.

“Grace and Valor” It pays homage to the complexity of female roles and identities, transcending time and culture to highlight the universal themes of strength, resilience, and elegance. The exhibition is a testament to the power of art to evoke empathy, challenge stereotypes, and celebrate the diversity and richness of the female experience bringing together the distinct voices of Torpe, Mann, von Streng, and Zelenska, seeking to create a dialogue around empowerment, identity, and the societal roles of women.

  • Anne Torpe | Julia Mann | Rubica von Streng | Solomiya Zelenska
  • Grace and Valor: The Dual Essence of Femininity – 09.03-03.04.2024
  • Vernissage March 9th – 16:00-20:00h | Musik & Cocktails | Free Entrance
  • Galerie Sara Lily Perez presents Grace and Valor: The dual essence of femininity.

Grace and Valor: Galerie Sara Lily Perez invites art lovers, critics, and the curious alike to immerse themselves in the works of these remarkable artists with the unveiling of this exhibition.

This event invites you to delve into a collection where the influence and narratives of women in art are brought to the forefront for appreciation and reflection.

Anne Torpe, a Danish painter born in 1981, has established a distinctive presence in contemporary art with her evocative portrayals of everyday scenes in cinematic settings.

Her work combines memory with modern life, merging glamorous non-binary figures with abstracted perspectives reminiscent of figurative cubism.

Julia Mann, born in 1987, found her love for art at 19 and returned to it with renewed vigor in 2020 after a break.

Her work is characterized by vibrant colors and bold presentations, aiming to captivate and provoke viewers visually.

Mann’s use of intense hues exudes an urban vitality, inspiring contemplation of alternate realms. Exhibitions at venues like the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Mainz and Galerie Textor 74 in Frankfurt showcase her aspiration to bring joy through her art.

Rubica von Streng, an artist based in Berlin, holds a prestigious Master of Arts degree from Universität der Künste Berlin.

Her renowned “PortLand” series delves into contemporary themes such as environmental activism and societal evolution through abstract expressionism. Von Streng’s artwork intricately weaves together complex narratives, inviting viewers into immersive dialogues with urgent contemporary issues. Her refined manipulation of color and form adds an ethereal touch to her work.

Solomiya Zelenska, formerly in fashion, now a painter, captures the subtleties of daily life through minimalism, emphasizing emotional depth in ordinary scenes.

Her spontaneous approach reflects personal resilience and the unity of the Ukrainian art community. Rooted in her cultural heritage, Zelenska’s work explores themes of resilience, identity, and human complexity, encouraging reflective dialogue among viewers.