V/A by OverMyBody, the Taiwan-Based avant-garde imprint curated by B E N N

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OverMyBody, the Taiwan-Based avant-garde imprint curated by B E N N, celebrates its first anniversary with album compilation from close friends and affiliates, half Taiwanese, half internationals. ‘Koma vol.1’ allows seven different producers to create different aspects drawing on definitions of experimental drums that they’re not typically known for.

OverMyBody 是由 B EN N 策划的台湾前卫品牌,庆祝成立一周年,由亲密的朋友和附属机构合辑,一半是台湾人,一半是国际人。 ‘Koma vol.1’ 允许七位不同的制作人利用他们通常不知道的实验鼓的定义来创建不同的方面。

The release features music from  Rain Liou, Dave N.A., ZAGAM, Sandy’s Trace, personalbrand, Alica and B E N N, the record running the gamut from psyched-out compositions to drum and dance materials, with deadly blows of percussion,  stereo-imaging coexisting in a gorgeous realm of artistic aesthetics.

发行的音乐来自 Rain Liou、Dave NA、ZAGAM、Sandy’s Trace、个人品牌、Alica 和 BENN,这张唱片涵盖了从精神错乱的作品到鼓和舞蹈材料的所有领域,以及致命的打击乐、立体成像并存于华丽的艺术美学境界。

Dave N.A. is an Armenian music producer who was recently released on Club Chai , Kepasaparadoks and Medium Raw Records and he is running FNTSY record label, “Datedrumz” characterized his own realms by high resonating percussions and hypnotic rhythm.

Dave N.A. 是一位亚美尼亚音乐制作人,最近在 Club Chai、Kepasaparadoks 和 Medium Raw Records 上发行,他经营着 FNTSY 唱片公司,“Datedrumz”以高共鸣的打击乐和催眠节奏来描绘他自己的领域。

Sandy’s Trace channels the ghosts of early 2010’s club melodies into a pummeling, propulsive beat. Distended textures swirl in and out over a pneumatic volley of percussion, threatening to fracture under pressure at any moment’s notice.”

Sandy’s Trace 将 2010 年初的俱乐部旋律的幽灵引导成一种猛烈的、推动性的节拍。膨胀的纹理在气动冲击波中进出漩涡,随时有可能在压力下破裂。”

ZAGAM is above all his sensory experience on production, “Landutopia ” above the electronic post club, filled with dark, industrial scenes,  as well as narrative music that he shapes. His universe is part of a utopia, similar to a dystopia. He traces any Chaotic event from the Black Death phenomenon with his crow mask, which adds a tragic and pandemic touch to the story of his music.


Alica is a Noise artist based in Taiwan, trying to experiment her own sounds combine with dancehall scene on this very sepcial” Far Far”.

Alica 是台湾的 Noise 艺术家,她试图在这个非常特殊的“Far Far”中尝试将自己的声音与舞厅场景相结合。

personalbrand is an experimental producer and DJ, currently in the UK after 3 years in Taiwan. His debut ep SHARED UNREALITIES was released on TAR earlier this year, with tracks played on NTS, Ma3azef, Rinse, and more.His track COMMUNITAS continues an exploration of reconstructing grime motifs into a hybrid club framework. A repeating alien-like chant calls out over jerky, jabbing kicks, as glitches from digital detritus buzz in the background.

SHARED UNREALITIES 今年早些时候在 TAR 上发布,曲目在 NTS、Ma3azef、Rinse 等上播放。他的曲目 COMMUNITAS 继续探索将 grime 主题重建为混合俱乐部框架。伴随着背景中数字碎屑嗡嗡声的故障,伴随着生涩、刺耳的踢腿,重复的外星人般的吟唱声响起。B E N N is a producer /dj who recently released an album “Synesthesia” via kepasaparadoks, with a commitment to create percussion-heavy, hard drum tracks at a furious rate. “New Age Of Luxury” combines his hard drums signature along with personalbrand’s hypnotic melodies.

B E N N 是一名制作人 / dj,他最近通过 kepasaparadoks 发行了一张专辑“Synesthesia”,致力于以惊人的速度创作打击乐沉重的硬鼓曲目。 “New Age Of Luxury”结合了他的硬鼓签名和个人品牌的催眠旋律。

Koma Vol.1 is available exclusively on Bandcamp. released October 29, 2021. Mastered by RK. Artwork by / 艺术家 Felix Onorato 許 福強 / Koma Vol.1 仅在 Bandcamp上可用。 2021 年 10 月 29 日. 发布 由 RK 掌握