Void+1 presents Ansome’s latest works in the form of the “Knucklehead” EP, which includes two collaborations with Scalameriya. + Track Premiere

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Void+1 is proud of the opportunity to present latest works of Ansome in the form of “Knucklehead” EP.

The “Knucklehead” EP enriches the scene with tracks that are equally intriguing as they are powerful. Written by Ansome, a name synonymous with absolute quality and mastery of modular synthesis in the world of techno.


Aside from the 2 colossal solo-tracks, “Knucklehead” EP includes 2 collaborations with Scalameriya.

There was a legend that the universe will cease to exist if these 2 ever joined forces. The legend has proven to be a fact, but luckily Void+1 Industries had fail-safe mechanisms in place to prevent this event from happening. Everything seems to be fine, just ignore that little tear in the sky, it is only a side-effect and will go away on its own… (probably). 

  • Artist: Ansome, Ansome & Scalameriya
  • Release-Name: Knucklehead
  • Catalogue: V+1009D 
  • Release-Date: 09.02.2024. 
  • Series: Data 
  • Format: Digital 
  • Track-List: 
    • 01 Knucklehead
    • 02 Nazareth
    • 03 Untitled 1 (feat. Scalameriya)
    • 04 Untitled 2 (feat. Scalameriya)

BUY HERE: https://voidplus1.bandcamp.com/album/v-1009d-knucklehead

Ansome, also known as Kieran Whitefield, is a prominent figure in the techno scene, known for his aggressive and uncompromising style. His career began after studying sound design and music production in Cornwall, and he later moved to London where he immersed himself in the club culture and established the label Disco’s Dead. He gained recognition with his releases on various labels and eventually started South London Analogue Material.

Ansome is known for his dynamic live performances, often utilizing modular synthesizers extensively. He has played at renowned clubs such as Tresor, Berghain, and Corsica Studios. His EPs like “The Penny and Pound” on Mord Records and “Hells Bells and Buckets of Blood” on Mindcut showcased his signature sound. He also released a debut album titled “Stowaway” on Perc Trax.

In 2016, Ansome was voted number 23 in Resident Advisor’s top 50 live acts, solidifying his status in the electronic music scene. He continues to headline major festivals across Europe and has toured internationally, including in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, and South America.

Scalameriya, a Serbian DJ, producer, and sound designer, is renowned for his flashy mixing abilities, eccentric productions, and menacing synth designs. His journey into the techno scene began at the young age of 13, and with an obsessive personality, he dedicated himself to extensive practice sessions, honing his DJing skills to a remarkable level of dexterity.

Scalameriya, known as “Skalamerija” in Serbian, embodies a concept denoting unfamiliar devices of unknown purpose, a notion reflected in his productions and DJ techniques. His style is often characterized as hard and aggressive, yet he distinguishes it as heavy and intimidating, highlighting nuanced aesthetics.

His unique approach and disciplined work ethic have led to prolific output, with his records featured on esteemed labels like Perc Trax, 47, THEM, Void+1, and Genesa. Both as a DJ and producer, Nikola showcases an unstoppable force, leaving indelible impressions worldwide with his performances and soundtracks.



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