Tresor Records unveils DJ Shufflemaster’s album ‘EXP’ reissue – out Jan 27th 2023

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Dropping in January 2023 is the reissue of DJ Shufflemaster’s album EXP, which Tresor Records first released in 2001. This expanded reissue comes as a 3xLP with new artwork by Japanese designer Sk8thing and combines the original CD release tracks with three tracks from the Angel Gate 12″ from the same year, including a remix by Surgeon of Experience. Also present is a previously unreleased version of Innervisions, which replaces the assonant synths of the original with a looped vocal sample upfront. Climb and Guiding Light will feature as digital-only tracks.

Here is ‘EXP’ LP, out January 27th:

The track ‘Imageforum’:

Tatsuya Kanamori remains a critical component of the Tokyo techno underground scene, initially coming to the fore through the Subvoice label before releases with Tresor, Theory Recordings, and Japanese record labels such as Disq and Reel Musiq. Kanamori’s reputation outside of Japan was greatly aided by his affiliation with European techno heavyweights such as Adam Beyer, Ben Sims, Carl Lekebusch or Surgeon.

At the moment of the original release, DJ Shufflemaster considered the record to draw in disparate and latent ideas into a fully encompassing mesh -“I would like to show my thoughts and everything that I am through the album. If it doesn’t reflect my ideas and the reasons that I live for, there is no meaning for me to create an album. Therefore, EXP doesn’t contain just one theme or concept.”

EXP represents an uncompromising and psychedelic slant on techno, with a purist’s focus on the dancefloor. It bridges many avenues within the techno genre, from the minimalist, dubby terrains of tracks like P.F.L.P. and Opaqueness, to more fierce percussive works that share a kinship with the sonic movements in Berlin, Detroit and the UK. 22 years later, this highly influential album is now back in an extended and remastered version, bold and as fresh as ever, EXP is an unearthed jewel from Tresor’s past for new ears.