Olivia returns to Dalmata Daniel with her debut album after some EPs on Pinkman and Dom Trojga and split vinyl with Tel Aviv-based Rapha.

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The unique-sounding Krakow-based producer with ‘Sen’ gives us a glimpse into her enigmatic and obscure world, where the boundaries between reality and the abyss blur. Embrace the darkness as pulsating beats collide with haunting melodies, propelling you through an enigmatic underworld.

This new full-length album is another testament to Olivia’s unrivaled artistry and her ability to traverse the boundaries, how she uses it, turn it upside down and mutate electro, techno, industrial and EBM genres in her own way.

Few DJs truly have a unique vision: a distinctive approach that draws on a myriad of interconnected styles to create a unified, otherworldly sound of its’ own. Olivia is one such DJ.

Initially best known for being one of the key resident DJs at the acclaimed annual Unsound festival that takes place in her home city, Krakow, Olivia has developed a trademark style that couples razor-sharp technical skills with an eclectic but interconnected approach to the raw, weighty and mind-altering music she mixes.

Depending on the venue, event and vibe, Olivia might race through angular acid, loose-limbed electro, futuristic Motor City techno, concrete-clad industrial music, surging EBM, twisted Italo, glacial cold wave and metallic new wave.


This forward-thinking blend of 1980s-inspired styles and experimental dancefloor workouts has proved popular with peers and punters alike, leading to sets at such leading clubs and festivals as Berghain, De School, Tresor, Golden Pudel, Dekmantel and Nachtdigital. Olivia has also showcased her trademark style via acclaimed mixes for CRACK, The Ransom Note, Dekmantel, Cxema, Digital Tsunami and Inverted Audio, appearances on Boiler Room, and a regular radio show on fast-rising station Noods.


The Polish DJ/producer’s achievements are impressive, but no less than she deserves for her hard work and dedication to the underground over the last 16 years.

She first rose to prominence as one of the most active DJs on Krakow’s electronic music underground, featuring in a number of collectives and appearing in clubs all over Poland before becoming a leading member of her home city’s We Are Radar party collective. Olivia remains an active member of the Radar collective, which includes a mixture of artists, DJs, events organizers and live performers. She has extensive experience in booking and events too, where the depth of her musical knowledge once more comes to the fore.

Today, Olivia has her hands in many projects, collectives and live performance projects. These include Radiation 30376 (a live show with Chino that debuted at Unsound 2019), Morskie Oko (a hybrid live/DJ project with Chino and Steffan Bennemann) and Chrono Bross, a collaborative initiative with Kinzo Chrome.

Although she has her hands full as a DJ and live performer, Olivia has devoted increasing amounts of time to music production over the last few years. She released her debut cassette, Skawa – a perfect distillation of her inspirations and influences in five forthright tracks – via K-Hole Trax in 2018, while her music has also been featured on compilations from Pointless Geometry and the Wire Magazine. In 2020 she released “Dancing Snake” ep at Pinkman label. On the same label in 2021 she released with Chino “Arka” ep as a Radiation 30376. 2022 was also full of new music out from her with “New Life” ep at Dom Trojga label and split records with Rapha at Dalmata Daniel.

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