Amsterdam Dance Event announces second wave of artists 19 – 23 October, 2022.

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Amsterdam Dance Event announces second wave of artists 19 – 23 October, 2022 ADE

Through dedicated focus tracks, ADE Pro traverses the Business behind the Music, with key strategies and new opportunities for professionals by today’s industry leaders — the Future for the Music, featuring the most impactful innovations and developments defining the years to come — and the World surrounding the Music, focused on sustainability, social change, mental health and scenes from around the globe.

通过专门的焦点轨道,ADE Pro穿越了音乐背后的商业,由当今的行业领导者为专业人士提供关键战略和新的机会–音乐的未来,以最具影响力的创新和发展来定义未来几年–以及围绕音乐的世界,关注可持续性、社会变革、心理健康和全球各地的场景。

📸 Enrique Meesters

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) reveals its second wave of artists for 2022. Among them are Amelie Lens (BE), Armin van Buuren (NL), Bakermat (NL), Bambounou (FR), Brennan Heart (NL), Carista (NL), Carl Cox (GB), Charlotte de Witte (BE), DJ Nobu (JP), Eric Prydz (SE), Eris Drew (US), Floorplan (US), Helena Hauff (DE), Honey Dijon (US), Hunee (DE), Jeff Mills (US), Jennifer Cardini (FR), Job Jobse (NL), LYZZA (BR), mad miran (NL), Peggy Gou (KR), Pongo (AO), Rebekah (GB), Sama’ Abdulhadi (PS), San Holo (NL), Skin On Skin (AU), Suze Ijó (NL), Sven Väth (DE), Voices From the Lake (IT) and many others.

2022年的艺术家浪潮。其中包括Amelie Lens(比利时)、Armin van Buuren(荷兰)、Bakermat(荷兰)、Bambounou(法国)、Brennan Heart(荷兰)、Carista(荷兰)、Carl Cox(英国)、Charlotte de Witte(比利时)、DJ Nobu(日本)、Eric Prydz(东南)、Eris Drew(美国)、Floorplan(美国)、Helena Hauff(德国)、Honey Dijon(美国)。Hunee (DE), Jeff Mills (US), Jennifer Cardini (FR), Job Jobse (NL), LYZZA (BR), mad miran (NL), Peggy Gou (KR), Pongo (AO), Rebekah (GB), Sama’ Abdulhadi (PS), San Holo (NL), Skin On Skin (AU), Suze Ijó (NL), Sven Väth (DE), Voices From the Lake (IT) 和许多其他。

📸 Enrique Meesters

Amsterdam Dance Event runs from October 19—23, 2022 and is the world’s most extensive festival and conference program for electronic music. Alongside the festival program, the ADE Pro conference will feature key discussions focused on the future of the music industry, including the impact of artificial intelligence with ex-Google engineer Blake Lemoine, the metaverse with Meta industry head Daniela Weitmann among others, and deepfake tech with artist Don Diablo in conversation with a deepfake version of himself.

阿姆斯特丹舞蹈活动于2022年10月19日至23日举行,是世界上最广泛的电子音乐节和会议计划。除了音乐节项目外,ADE Pro会议还将重点讨论音乐产业的未来,包括与前谷歌工程师Blake Lemoine讨论人工智能的影响,与Meta产业负责人Daniela Weitmann讨论元空间,以及与艺术家Don Diablo对话的深层伪造技术。

ADE is also set to transform its home base Felix Meritis into a hybrid virtual space as part of ADE Blendrealities, welcoming physical and virtual Pro conference visitors simultaneously. The brand new ADE Lab program has also been launched, focusing on cultivating and inspiring the next generation of musicians and professionals.

ADE还将把其大本营Felix Meritis改造成一个混合的虚拟空间,作为ADE Blendrealities的一部分,同时欢迎实体和虚拟的专业会议参观者。全新的ADE实验室项目也已经启动,专注于培养和激励下一代的音乐家和专业人士。

With only one more month to go and now is the perfect time to start planning your trip to Amsterdam for the largest global gathering of electronic music. Whether you’re a professional who travels to our ADE Pro Conference, an avid festival-goer, or an artist playing your dream gig, with this KLM x ADE pack, you’ll be drifting to Amsterdam without worries.

只剩一个月了,现在是开始计划你去阿姆斯特丹参加全球最大的电子音乐聚会的最佳时机。无论你是去参加我们的ADE专业会议的专业人士,还是狂热的音乐节观众,或者是进行梦想演出的艺术家,有了这个KLM x ADE包,你将会无忧无虑地漂流到阿姆斯特丹。

📸 Enrique Meesters

About ADE Beats

Since its inception in 2010, the annual international conference for hip hop, bass and beats presents a program featuring networking sessions, inspiring music talks, masterclasses, business cases, and the latest developments. Since 2022, ADE Beats is part of ADE Lab and this year’s edition takes place on ADE Friday.

自2010年成立以来,这个关于嘻哈、贝斯和节拍的年度国际会议提出了一个以网络会议、鼓舞人心的音乐讲座、大师班、商业案例和最新发展为特色的计划。自2022年以来,ADE Beats是ADE Lab的一部分,今年的版本在ADE周五举行。

ADE Lab is a brand new track aiming to encourage and inspire up-and-coming music professionals at the heart of electronic music. The program provides plenty of opportunities to learn, create, share, and grow among a network of fellow young industry members.

ADE Lab是一个全新的轨道,旨在鼓励和激励电子音乐核心的新晋音乐专业人士。该项目提供了大量的机会,在一个年轻的行业同伴网络中学习、创造、分享和成长。

About ADE Green

ADE, Green Events and Nachtlab Agency join forces to organise the 8th edition of ADE Green with the support of various partners and ambassadors.


ADE Green is the pioneering conference on sustainability, innovation and social change within the music industry and takes place on Friday, October 21st in Huis Vasari & Felix Meritis as part of the ADE Pro conference.

ADE Green是音乐行业内关于可持续性、创新和社会变革的先锋会议,于10月21日星期五在Huis Vasari & Felix Meritis举行,是ADE Pro会议的一部分。

The conference features international keynote speakers, food for thought in combination with practical hands-on workshops and a range of panels on different topics. At past events, we’ve had the honour of welcoming speakers like Marianne Goodell (CEO of Burning Man), Nadya Tolokonnikova (Pussy Riot), Duncan Stutterheim (Founder & CEO of ID&T), Michael Lang (Founder of Woodstock ’69), Polly Higgins (Advocate for the Earth, Ecocide), Kumi Naidoo (Director of Greenpeace International) and Seth Troxler (DJ/producer) to our stage.

会议以国际主题演讲者为特色,结合实用的实践研讨会和一系列不同主题的小组讨论,提供思想食粮。在过去的活动中,我们有幸欢迎玛丽安-古德尔(Burning Man的首席执行官)、纳迪亚-托洛康尼科娃(Pussy Riot)、邓肯-斯塔特海姆(ID&T的创始人兼首席执行官)、迈克尔-兰(69年伍德斯托克音乐节的创始人)、波莉-希金斯(地球、生态灭绝的倡导者)、库米-奈杜(国际绿色和平组织主任)和塞思-特克斯勒(DJ/制片人)等演讲者来到我们的舞台。

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Festival program and ticket info is available here and the ADE Pro Pass is available here.