NEWS:VAX! Sameheads Complilation #4 premiering tracks from their freshly announced release.

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“Vax!” – Reminiscent of all the slippery vinyl that glitched under so many sweaty wet fingers in a steamy basement before time – a picture that seems highly illegal in our current antiseptic climate of hopefully germ free adolescents. Vax-inate! Give them the needle! It’s time.

 Deti Vechnosti – Pered Rassvetom opens the gates to plug into the socket of our collective deranged consciousness, generating frisky and flamboyant specks to brightening darkness that confines our lives. Offering  glimpses of the great unknown we also carry within. The Track introduces Chikiss & Mustelide’s new group “Deti Vechnosti”.

 Alexander Arpeggio & OhLandy’s “Der Anruf”, wich originally appeared as a French language version on a previous Sameheads / Diapason tape release tells those tales of hot and hotter heat. Karmic payback for the sweaty and long nights enveloped in the halo of resonating frequencies of silly and high-spirited mischief. 

Rouge Mécanique – Down the Line – follows suite in the odyssey that is a demented night out, sitting in front of a club, realising that the leatherjacket you picked up a few streets ago from the ground doesn’t smell like adventure but like spew.

The B-Side opens with Automatenfall – a hardware electronic 3 piece, previously appearing live at Sameheads during a “My Friend calls it K-Jazz” event. A yearning that eventually gets us on a spiritual path and headed toward enlightenment through the meandering melange of chimes, that little sounds that usually overcome us in the weirdest of times.

Das Kinn – the new project from Toben Piel, who’s part of Frankfurt’s MMODEM family, and one half of Les Trucs evokes memories of better days, black leatherpants – think Falco meets DAF – Überpop for the Untergrund.

Stopping for a final coup d’œil is Alessandro Adriani’s – Preserved Data Space. A persuasive case of brutally but lovingly worked machines serenading sawtooth waves of an infinite Weiter, a dissolving timeframe – the longest after hour I’ve been to, it lasts more than a year now already and counting.

Written by Michael Aniser.

Label name: Sameheads
Artist: Various artists
Title: Vax!
Format 12”

A1. Deti Vechnosti – Pered Rassvetom: 5m09s
A2. Alexander Arpeggio & OhLandy – Der Anruf: 5m06s
A3. Rouge Mécanique – Down the Line: 2m55s
Total running time: 13m16s

B1. Automattenfall – Die in Seconds: 5m43s
B2. Das Kinn – Das Kinn: 4m29s
B3. Alessandro Adriani – Preserved Data Space: 3m58s
Total running time: 14m16s

A1, A3, B1, B3 tracks mastered by Kristin Bahoudian in Berlin 2020
A2 Mixing, mastering & reel to reel transfer by Sneaker at TailOut Studios 2020
B2 mastered by Gavin Weiss in Frankfurt a/M 2020

“VAX!” -让人想起所有湿滑的乙烯基在湿热的地下室之前在那么多汗湿的手指下毛刺的所有滑滑乙烯基-在我们目前希望无菌的青少年无菌环境中,这张照片似乎是非法的。 Vax-inate!给他们针!是时候了。

Deti Vechnosti-Pered Rassvetom打开大门,插入我们集体意识错乱的插座,产生轻快而华丽的斑点,照亮了黑暗,限制了我们的生活。简要介绍我们也将带入的巨大未知世界。曲目介绍了Chikiss&Mustelide的新乐队“ Deti Vechnosti”。

Alexander Arpeggio和OhLandy的“ Der Anruf”最初是法语版本,出现在之前的Sameheads / Diapason磁带发行中,讲述了那些越来越热的故事。愚蠢而振奋的恶作剧产生的共鸣频率笼罩着汗水弥漫的漫漫长夜的业力回报。



达斯·金(Das Kinn)是来自法兰克福MMODEM家族的托本·皮尔(Toben Piel)的新项目,还有一半的莱斯·特鲁奇(Les Trucs)让人回想起美好的日子,黑色皮裤-认为法尔科遇到了达夫-乌特尔蓬德(Untergrund)的Überpop。

停止最后一次政变的是亚历山德罗·阿德里亚尼(Alessandro Adriani)的-保留数据空间。有说服力的案例,这些机器残酷而可爱地运转着无尽的Weiter锯齿波,这是一个令人费解的时间表-我去过的时间最长的一个小时,至今已经持续了一年多,而且还在不断增加。