Veil Of Light, the Swiss throbbing synth pop duo returns with a new album “Sundancing” on AVANT! Records +Video Premiere

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Two years after their previous effort, regular as clockwork, Swiss throbbing synth pop duo Veil Of Light is back with a new album and what can we say? These guys keep on getting better and better.

If you have followed the Zurich-based outfit over the past few years, you must have noticed the constant moving towards 80’s FM new wave and synthpop tones – without losing their electro/body music outline – that have marked the band’s parable, especially since their latest Landslide LP.

Veil Of Light “Sundancing” is their sixth full-length and it stays the course, bringing what we’ve just said to the next step.

Nine new dancy and bright tunes with emotional depth that blend lush instrumentation and robust rhythms, guided by funky and rubbery basslines. Syncopated rhythm sections match suburban cool synths in the lead single Apricot Kiss and Hypersleep, while Raindancing and Tonight summon a sinuosity long gone since the mid Eighties. The musical backdrop here serves as the fundament for emotional vocals delivering lyrics dealing with the fragility of love, joy and loneliness.


There’s some subtle addictiveness to these songs, one that will gently grab you by the collar of your coat and stick the refrains from Sundancing inside your head for good.
Veil Of Light might make it look easy to keep it neat without being minimalist, intimate without being depressing, romantic in the most true sense of the word, but we know that’s possibly the hardest thing to do.

Sundancing is out on 24 February 2023 on black vinyl LP limited to 500 and digital.


Veil Of Light “Sundancing”

A1. Apricot Kiss
A2. Head-On Collision A3. Hypersleep
A4. Tonight
B1. Raindancing
B2. Remain The Same B3. Keen Blade
B4. Heartland Road B5. Homesick

First single Apricot Kiss is out today with an official vdeo up now at

Sundancing is out 24 February 2023 on black vinyl LP and digital.