The “ISSUES REMIXES” EP presents a distinctive perspective on DJ MELL G ‘s highly praised solo LP + Track Premiere

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dj mell g remixes KEYI MAGAZINE review

This remix edition injects fresh sounds and textures into DJ MELL G “ISSUES,” curated by some of the most forward-thinking and dynamic talents in the contemporary electronic music landscape.


DJ MELL G through the creation and production of music that delves into her personal experiences with BPD, and with contributions from Manuka Honey, Sally C, Cyan85, Ben Pest, and Peachlyfe, DJ MELL G persists in fostering awareness about the condition. She not only challenges stigmatized perspectives but also empowers others to engage in meaningful conversations about mental health.

As a visionary artist, DJ MELL G weaves a narrative that goes beyond the beats and melodies. Her music serves as a powerful medium to explore and share her personal experiences with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

The inclusion of collaborators such as Manuka Honey, Sally C, Cyan85, Ben Pest, and Peachlyfe adds diverse layers to the remixes, creating a multifaceted soundscape that resonates with authenticity and creativity.

Multi-disciplined DJ, producer and tarot reader Manuka Honey opens the EP with her remix of the track “ISSUES.” Deviating from the foreboding, glitched-out atmosphere of the original, the US-born, London-based artist pairs jagged percussion with an off-kilter melody, evoking an erratic feel. It’s a perfectly intense intro with a Manuka-esque twist. 

dj mell g remixes KEYI MAGAZINE review

Bristol’s Ben Pest remixes “DISTURBED MIND”. On this occasion, the UK producer and live performer concocts a freaky, otherworldly mood with crunchy snares, zappy sound FX and an alien version of DJ MELL G’s vocals. A rugged and raw electro tune to jolt the dancefloor in the early hours. 

German DJ and producer Cyan85 adds the 808 treatment to “GREATEST DESIRE”, fusing the original’s dreamy melody with a fresh dose of acid squelch, striking a fine line between floaty and frenetic energy. 

dj mell g remixes KEYI MAGAZINE review

Copenhagen-based artist and Fast Forward affiliate Peachlyfe interprets “BEYOND 70” with their eerie, techno-led remix. Set against a misty soundscape, they stitch a bleep-filled melody between sleek kickdrums, culminating in a hypnotic six-minute trip.

The "ISSUES REMIXES" EP presents a distinctive perspective on DJ MELL G 's highly praised solo LP + Track Premiere

Belfast-born, Berlin-based producer, DJ and label boss Sally C closes the remix EP on a jackin’ vibe while retaining the gnarly, dark-tinted synthline of “BORDERLINE.” She lightens the mood by blending a bouncy bassline with playful, bell-like percussion, resulting in a head-nodding, peak-time tune in true Sally C-style. It rounds off the release on a distinctly groovy and uplifting note. 

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In the evolving landscape of electronic music, DJ MELL G stands as a trailblazer, seamlessly blending creativity and advocacy. The “ISSUES REMIXES” EP is not just a collection of tracks; it’s a testament to the transformative power of music in breaking down barriers, challenging preconceptions, and fostering a more compassionate world.

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