Stone Island Sound is a curatorial project that  supports contemporary independent artistic  production: a harmonious set of curated  soundtracks, record releases, playlists in-store  and live events. Photos by Frankie Casillo

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The aim of the project is to  champion local independent music scenes and  to forge a world sound map of avant garde and  new pop. The next STONE ISLAND PRESENTS event took place at Wilhelm Hallen, the  former Winkelhof iron foundry, now a vast  post-industrial space for Berlin’s creative community. It was settled for six unique performances by Beatrice Dillon, Bill Kouligas, KMRU, Lorenzo Senni, Pelada and Skee Mask. 

Berlin based artist, designer and musician Bill Kouligas, the founder and artistic director of the celebrated multidisciplinary platform and record label PAN. He joined by PAN label mates, the London based artist and music producer Beatrice Dillon who was declared “the most thrilling  new voice in British electronic music” by The  Guardian at the end of 2019 and the Canadian group, Pelada. The duo, composed of vocalist  Chris Vargas and instrumentalist Tobias  Rochman will bring their unique brand of punk and politics to the dancefloor. They are joined by Lorenzo Senni, the Warp Records Italian  experimental musician and visual artist best  known for his “pointillistic trance”, a signature  sound involving the deconstruction of epic  build-ups and synthesizer arpeggios of ‘90s  trance and hard techno. Skee Mask AKA Bryan  Müller and Kenian artist KMRU complete the line up. Born in Nairobi and currently based in  Berlin, KMRU is a sound artist and producer  whose methods include field recording,  improvisation, noise, machine learning, radio  art and drones. Skee Maskthe genre-melding  Munich producer brings his “thrillingly physical”  music that merges the “disparate continents  of drum’n’bass, footwork, techno, electro, and  downbeat” (Pitchfork). 

这个项目的目的是支持当地的独立音乐场景,并打造一个前卫和新流行的世界声音地图。下一个STONE ISLAND PRESENTS活动在Wilhelm Hallen举行,这里以前是Winkelhof铁铸造厂,现在是柏林创意社区的一个巨大的后工业化空间。在这里,Beatrice Dillon、Bill Kouligas、KMRU、Lorenzo Senni、Pelada和Skee Mask的六场独特表演得到了解决。 

总部设在柏林的艺术家、设计师和音乐家比尔-库里加斯,是著名的多学科平台和唱片公司PAN的创始人和艺术总监。加入他的是PAN厂牌的伙伴,伦敦的艺术家和音乐制作人Beatrice Dillon,她在2019年底被《卫报》宣布为 “英国电子音乐中最激动人心的新声音”,以及加拿大组合Pelada。这个由主唱克里斯-巴尔加斯和乐器演奏家托比亚斯-罗克曼组成的二人组将把他们独特的朋克和政治品牌带到舞池中。他们将与Lorenzo Senni一起,这位Warp唱片公司的意大利实验音乐家和视觉艺术家以他的 “pointillistic trance “而闻名,这种标志性的声音涉及解构90年代trance和hard techno的史诗般的积累和合成器琶音。Skee Mask AKA Bryan Müller和肯尼亚艺术家KMRU完成了这个阵容。KMRU出生于内罗毕,目前居住在柏林,是一位声音艺术家和制作人,他的方法包括现场录音、即兴创作、噪音、机器学习、广播艺术和无人机。 Skee Mask这位类型融合的慕尼黑制作人带来了他的 “激动人心的物理 “音乐,融合了 “Drum’n’Bass、footwork、techno、electro和downbeat等不同的大陆”(Pitchfork)。