KALEIDOSCOPE vernisage 3rd of February in SLP Gallery with Manuela Sambo | Dijana Sulic | Cyril France | Chiderah Bosah

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Explore the rich tapestry of global cultures, bringing to life their heritage, visions and stories.

This vibrant Exhibition is a celebration that showcases the diverse backgrounds, traditions, and narratives that shape our world, highlighting the unique yet interconnected cultural mosaics.

Visitors are invited to explore aspirational horizons through art that captures the essence of hope, progress, and a vision for an inclusive future. The exhibition deepens its impact by delving into personal exploration within a cultural context, presenting figurative sculptures and visual art that interrogate themes of identity and gender.

3. Februar 2024
Instagram: @galerieslp
Bikini Berlin 1.OG
Budapester Straße 48, Berlin, Germany
Dijana Sulic – Deesse_Wearable_Art

more info about the art & culture -> click here