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Fundraiser Campaign for Beirut organised by Voxnox x Forgotten Faces.

Over a year has passed since the devastating explosion of a warehouse in Beirut. The inhumane conditions and suffering endured by the people shocked the whole world. But for those affected, this was only the tip of the iceberg in an ailing system marked by decades of corruption and neglect of state interests in security and democracy. For many years, the people of Lebanon have tried to build a functioning community, but have suffered countless financial, emotional and health related setbacks.


Many are leaving the country because of a lack of prospects and a dwindling hope for the future. A few people, however, remain and do not want to accept these conditions. They stand up and fight for their beliefs. People like Abir and her team, who took over a hostel in Beirut at the end of 2020 to create a safe environment for those affected by the crisis. A place that stands as a symbol for the end of the inhumane situation in this country. But they cannot fight alone. 

由于缺乏前景和对未来的希望越来越渺茫,许多人正在离开这个国家。然而,仍有少数人不愿接受这些条件。他们挺身而出,为自己的信仰而战。像 Abir 和她的团队这样的人,他们于 2020 年底接管了贝鲁特的一家旅馆,为受危机影响的人们创造一个安全的环境。一个象征着结束这个国家不人道局势的地方。但他们不能单独战斗。

Now it is our turn. Our turn to not just look away and forget those people. Let’s help together to change the situation for the better. With joint forces we might be able to raise enough money to make a difference. A difference that in the end gives people back hope and opportunities for a normal life in the future. So become part of the campaign and share it with your friends and acquaintances. 

Together we can make a difference!



This campaign starts now on Tuesday Dec 21st at 12:00 CET. SUPPORT IT HERE AND NOW

该活动将于 12 月 21 日星期二欧洲中部时间 12:00 开始。在这里和现在支持它