Fünfter Löffel, living rooms, sculpture garden, stage – A refreshing protest against Gentrification.

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fünfter Löffel, living rooms, sculpture garden, stage – A refreshing protest against Gentrification
Opening Hours 16-03 is a curatorial approach to merge boundaries between private and public spaces. The interdisciplinary line-up aims to make visitors aware of the shift into a festival setting and to experience room structures in a temporary understanding. Eleven hours with nonstop performances by transnational artists. Visual art, music, video works, site-specific installations and live performances bring the exhibition venue, the Treptow Ateliers in Schöneweide, to a dignified end before they are gentrified into individual apartments. 

It is an experiment, brings the exhibition space into a multidisciplinary structure, transforming it from a sculpture garden into a music stage, into an intimate living room, into a video room, the Pink. The viewer has the choice of how to anticipate the organic biotope of fünfter Löffel. 

Date 26.03. 
Time: 16:00 – 03:00 
Location: Treptower Atelier – Wilhelminenhofstraße 83-85, 12459 Berlin 
Organized by fünfter Löffel

Curators of the rooms:
Canberk Akçal, Matteo Kramer – General Concept, Living Room_fL, Garten of 
Canberk Akçal, Emre Saruhan – The Pink 
Barış Öner – Die Bühne 

Living Rooms from invited initiatives:
Kleine Humboldt Galerie 
Blue Star Project Space 
Neuköllner Saloon e.V. 
Max Linnenschmidt/Ribana Schmidt/Andreas Szczurowski