The vision of DJ MELL G’s imprint remains the same to support genre-bending artists who are contributing a juicy flavour to contemporary dance music + premiere of a new track from Rennhorse and DJ Fuckoff: ‘Dancefloor Choppa’ + Q&A by Fraser Bonar

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Keyi is thrilled to premiere a new track from Rennhorse and DJ Fuckoff: ‘Dancefloor Choppa’. They have teamed up and thrown down a track as full of attitude and energy as you’d imagine. It’s laden heavy with bass and squelching synth, with vocals that are equal parts tongue in cheek and genuinely seductive. What more could you ask for from a track, we ask you? 

Along with the release of the record, you can check out the music video for ‘Dancefloor Choppa’. Music video gives you another excuse for hitting repeat on the track.

And, for anyone who has ever found themselves hanging around in a hotel room, rocking it in futuristic alien ravewear while they waited for the party to start, this one is going to be very relatable to you. 

We grabbed DJ Fuckoff for a quick chat about the record, her recent performances and how she came to be one of the ones to watch in the Berlin scene.

One of the first things that most people want to know when they discover you is how your stage name came to be, especially since your music tends to be a mix of styles that are full of joy, rather than some of the darker genres that more naturally scream fuck off. So what inspired the name choice?


Haha yessss fuckoff. For me fuckoff means everything. It means creating boundaries, it means I won’t take shit and fuckoff is a means of having the confidence to empower myself and others in the community. The name came about when I was travelling in India and since then has stuck. Before fuckoff I was kick girl which is a name I got from a hardcore techno dj name generator haha. When I moved to Berlin fuckoff seemed more fitting for me and my mood starting a journey in a new city. 

哈哈,是的,fuckoff。对我来说,fuckoff意味着一切。它意味着创造界限,它意味着我不会接受狗屎,fuckoff是一种有信心赋予自己和社区中其他人权力的手段。这个名字是我在印度旅行时想到的,从那时起就坚持了下来。在fuckoff之前,我叫kick girl,这是我从一个硬核techno dj名字生成器中得到的名字,哈哈。当我搬到柏林时,fuckoff似乎更适合我和我的心情,在一个新的城市开始一段旅程。 

You made your breakthrough in the Berlin music scene during Covid times. How did you manage to make a name for yourself in these times? And what were the biggest challenges that you faced in doing so?


I was mainly just working on music all day everyday. Spending hours and hours in Ableton and then releasing the tracks the next day on Soundcloud. I started also posting recorded mixes on my Soundcloud and managed to get a show on Hör radio. This was a huge part in people finding out who fuckoff was :p Also playing some of my own tracks in the radio show was nice to showcase my sound on this kinda platform. My biggest challenge so far was trying to figure out in peak corona how I can pay my bills and also make music all day. All I wanted to do was spend my time in Ableton or play shows and in corona this was obviously hard, so I found some creative ways to make money and still focus on my passion haha.

我当时主要是每天都在做音乐。在Ableton中花了好几个小时,然后第二天在Soundcloud上发布了这些曲目。我开始在我的Soundcloud上发布录制的混音,并设法在Hör电台得到一个节目。这在人们发现fuckoff是谁的过程中起了很大的作用:p 另外,在广播节目中播放一些我自己的曲目,在这种平台上展示我的声音也很好。到目前为止,我最大的挑战是试图找出在冠冕堂皇的情况下,我如何能够支付我的账单,同时整天做音乐。我想做的就是把时间花在Ableton上或者是表演上,而在corona这显然是很难的,所以我找到了一些创造性的方法来赚钱,并且仍然专注于我的激情,哈哈。  

You’re originally from New Zealand, but what was it that made you decide to move across to Europe? 


I released a hip hop tape on a label here called Childhood Intelligence. The tape is called Divine Feminine and I’d be working on it since I was 19 or so. I came over for the release party in 2019 and haven’t been back to New Zealand since.

我在这里的一个叫Childhood Intelligence的厂牌上发行了一盘嘻哈磁带。这盘带子叫《神圣的女性》,我从19岁左右就开始创作了。我在2019年过来参加发行派对,之后就没有再回过新西兰。  

What is the electronic scene like in New Zealand? Are there any clubs or parties that you miss from back home?


The electronic scene in New Zealand is really beautiful. It is a close cute community with super intimate family vibe kinda parties. There are so many different scenes actually, the biggest being drum n bass which I grew up in but later decided this crowd wasn’t so my vibe. Before I left to Berlin I found some really great friends that were/are hosting parties in different venues around my hometown. This is when I was introduced to electro, idm and ghetto house/tech kinda sounds. I miss these parties a lot and can’t wait to go back home to party again and play.


We were lucky enough to see you live recently during the Hör takeover of the Radio Stage at Melt Festival, and we absolutely loved the energy you brought to the crowd. Did you have a full setlist in mind beforehand, or did you let yourself go along with the mood of the crowd and the setting? 

最近,我们很幸运地在Hör接管Melt Festival的Radio Stage时看到了你的现场表演,我们绝对喜欢你给观众带来的能量。你事先有一个完整的节目单吗,还是说你让自己随着观众的情绪和环境走? 

I had a rough setlist of the tracks I wanted to play and ended up actually changing my mind half way and playing off another USB haha. The vibe was sooooo sick there! I can’t wait for next year. 


How does it feel to have made your debut at Paronama Bar back in May? Was it a career milestone that you had been looking forward to, or do you see it as just another chance to create a great party for a crowd?


Actually its pretty insane I was told I am the only person from New Zealand that has played at Panorama Bar 😮 Coming from an island on the other side of the world to one of the biggest clubs in the world it definitely felt like a milestone. Before the set I couldn’t talk I was so nervous but when I started playing it felt like I was in my living room with my friends. Was definitely a highlight of my life 🙂 

事实上,这很疯狂,有人告诉我,我是唯一一个来自新西兰,在Panorama Bar演出过的人。在演出之前,我无法说话,我太紧张了,但当我开始演奏时,感觉就像在我的客厅里和我的朋友们在一起。这绝对是我生命中的一个亮点 🙂 

You’re featured on the new compilation THE JUICE VOLUME 1, curated by DJ Mell G, with the track Dancefloor Choppa with Rennhorse, which is full-to-the-brim with energy. How did the collab come about, and how did your two styles combine on the record?

你在DJ Mell G策划的新合辑《THE JUICE VOLUME》中,与Rennhorse合作的《Dancefloor Choppa》一曲,充满了能量。这次合作是如何产生的,你们的两种风格在唱片中是如何结合的?

So I became good friends with Rennhorse and they could hear some fuckoff vox being on the track :p They already had the lyrics written before hand so we got recording asap in the studio and was a mega vibe :p I love the idea of and aspire to being a sugar momma so I really felt this track. 


It was awesome to see the accompanying video, especially since electronic artists often shy away from releasing music videos, for a multitude of reasons. But even more so, since it is beautiful in its minimalism during the hotel scenes, before slamming us straight into the dark party for the second half of the track. Could you tell us a bit about the video and its design?


The idea of the video is a bit behind the scenes of fuckoff and the travelling/hotel dj kinda lifestyle. Its super beautiful to have these moments of stillness which you see in the hotel and then the switch of energy in the club scene. Very much a doco style of fuckoff on the road. And then the horse scene of course! Rennhorse power! 

视频的想法是关于fuckoff和旅行/酒店DJ那种生活方式的幕后故事。你在酒店里看到的这些静止的时刻,然后在俱乐部场景中的能量转换,是非常美丽的。非常有纪录片的风格,在路上的fuckoff。然后当然是马的场景! Rennhorse power! 

Massive shout outs to @monamobile & @6900haus for creating such a special cowgirl piece & @emilyznoon_ for the hair n makeup! Making my futuristic club cowgirl dreams come truuuuue < 3 

对@monamobile和@6900haus创造这样一个特殊的女牛仔作品和@emilyznoon_的发型和化妆表示极大的赞许! 让我的未来主义俱乐部女牛仔的梦想成真 < 3 


Ferdinand Feldmann (@ferdinandfeldmann
Maison Hefner  (@maison hefner)
mona gutheil (@monamobile)

clemens kramer (@6900haus)
mona gutheil (@monamobile),

clemens kramer (@6900haus

emily zanon (@emilyznoon_)
Hair & Make-up: 
Emily Zanon (emilyznoon_)
NAILS Camilla Volbert ( @nailsvoninge )
JEWLLERY Atu Gelovani ( @rmatugelovani )