Underground Institute and Hope for Her Future – A Compilation for Women in Afghanistan

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Hope for Her Future: A compilation for girls’ education in Afghanistan | release date: April 7 (Xiu Xiu, Gudrun Gut, Ka Baird, Burka Band)

她未来的希望: 阿富汗女孩教育汇编|发行日期:4月7日(秀秀、古德伦-古特、卡-贝尔德、布尔卡乐队)

Hope for Her Future is a special Underground Institute compilation for Girls in Afghanistan, in collaboration with the Afghan Women’s Association.


The compilation’s aim is to collect funds and raise awareness for the current situation of girls in Afghanistan – with the new restrictions on education set by the Taliban, currently, schools are only open for female students up to the 6th grade.




The new school year has just begun and the situation is quite unstable and unpredictable. The Afghan Women’s Association (based in Hamburg) focuses on delivering education and access to knowledge creatively – via homeschooling, online teaching, learning groups, radio sessions, etc… as well as helping girls get scholarships for higher education elsewhere.


More about the Afghan Women’s Association (DE):


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